Detective Abarca and the Destiny Cards - Part 6

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Berardo had long since pulled out his notebook and had begun taking notes about what Meike was saying. He had to hold his notebook in his injured left hand but it provided him just enough stability to write with. At least there was something to go on Cockatrice had a goal and purpose made criminals findable. The worse kind where those that were crazy and you couldn’t understand what they wanted.

“Thanks for the information.”

Detective Abarca and the Destiny Cards - Part 5

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The Owl Heights shopping mall was crowded, even during this off time of day. During the evenings the place was even worse. It was right off the tram so it was easy for almost everybody in the city which was one of the reasons it was so popular.

Rose lead them through the hallways and up the escalator. The Destiny Burst store was apparently on the fourth floor. Berardo tried to remember all the shops on the fourth floor. There were a bunch of them but he had been to this mall many time, most residents of Listorna had.

Detective Abarca and the Destiny Cards - Part 4

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Berardo raise his hands and shook them in a gesture of denial. “Oh, no, you don’t need to do anything that you don’t want to do. I just didn’t want to leave you in that pack forever.”

Eyes that Gaze the Horizon looked confused, “Then should I return to my card state and stay there until you need me?”

He didn’t know what to say so he looked at Rose to silently request her aid.

Detective Abarca and the Destiny Cards - Part 3

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“That…… doesn’t answer my actual question. That first man was throwing knives through walls and the second had a skull instead of a face. Any you, you were a talking card that burst into flame and then leaped away like magic.”

“Oh,” She looked a little flustered, then her face hardened and she looked rather sad, “I’m sorry your introduction for Destiny Burst was like that. Usually it is exciting and fun… but Cockatrice, he is not playing Destiny Burst.”

Detective Abarca and the Destiny Cards - Part 2

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He was staying there too late, Berardo knew that. It wasn’t good to spend this much time working a case without rest. He glanced up at the clock and saw it was almost midnight. He might be the only person left in the precinct at this time. Once he had finished getting all his notes done he would leave, he promised himself.

It had been overcast all day and now he could hear the splattering of raindrops outside. The main problem with taking a bike places is that it liked to rain in Listorna and you had to get used to getting wet.

Detective Abarca and the Destiny Cards - Part 1

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“When did I begin to think of the world as being rather strange?

I suppose it was back when I was a rookie police detective. I remember that overcast day well. It was the first murder case I was assigned to. It was also the day that I became a mage. More importantly it was the day that I meet her. Her? Ah, yes, I suppose I should really start at the beginning and explain everything properly.”

The Rose of Vengeance

The Forbidden Domain - Part 25

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The next day I felt significantly better. By the time noon rolled around I was capable of walking around the apartment without feeling like it was killing me. Valarie had already left to go to work because while I had the day off she still needed to go in. Instead I kept myself busy with various chores around the house, although I did have to take several breaks while doing it.

The Forbidden Domain - Part 24

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“And you came with us then Wanderer?” I asked.

“Yes, there is still much that I do not know. You gave me the Tools but I haven’t learned too much about its use. Also I wanted to see Esta’s world, everything that I had learned about it previously was from books and her talking about it. Valarie showed me around some and I’m amazed at this place. I know it was different but actually experiencing it was something else. I want to know what is good and bad about this place so I know what sort of world I should guide my world too.”

The Forbidden Domain - Part 23

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The air glowed around us at I began to imbue the three essences into the different items. Each different truth was written into the item that embodied each with different forms and patterns symbolizing the that existence. It was like the ash swirled around us mixed with the sound of gunfire and the cries of monsters.