The Forbidden Domain - Part 11

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After he had made and eaten dinner he went deeper inside the house. It was where he kept his collection of books. There was all kinds of books here. He didn’t make a distinction. Some books taught him valuable things which he could use to continue living here. Things like the water purification machine that he made. Other contained fantastical tales of worlds where everything was not covered in ash. Some of them were labeled as fiction while others were supposedly historic but all of them seemed like fantasy to him.

The Forbidden Domain - Part 10

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“They are two of the characters from The Forbidden Domain.” He moved over toward the wall and pointed at the poster. It was the one showing Yiskah and Valarie. “It was these two woman. I’m telling you that they came out of my computer and then ran off someplace.”

“So two woman which were dressed in these costume entered your room and threatened you with a weapon. Did they take anything from your apartment? Or is there some reason that might have to threaten you?”

The Forbidden Domain - Part 9

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Valarie looked up at Yiskah and grabbed her and with her left hand. It was the only time Lyle had seen the two women hold hands. “What will happen?” Asked Valarie.

“I do not know.” Said Yiskah, “But as long as we live there is still hope. Isn’t that what you like to say? And maybe the destroyed world will be better then this awful world that we live in now.” Valarie nodded and her arm glowed brighter and brighter. Instead of seeming to be some dark curse power it shown in maybe hope.

The Forbidden Domain - Part 8

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There was also lots of new dialog that he was encountering and it was exciting. He took a short break from the computer to grab some extra snacks and visit the bathroom. It would be a long haul tonight and he needed to be prepared for everything that could happen.


The Forbidden Domain - Part 7

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What should I know that I don’t know? What sort of cryptic advice was that. I wondered if this had been sent my Master. He said he wouldn’t be able to contact me again but maybe he managed to do one last thing. What don’t I know that I should know, I tried to think about it for a bit but I couldn’t think of anything.

I would have to keep it in mind. I finished getting ready and eat breakfast and then headed out for town main street. I got into the right position and got ready. Then those words came once more.

“Could you help me? I seemed to have become lost.”

The Forbidden Domain - Part 6

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The observatory was at the edge of town. It was a quiet place because people needing an observatory was fairly rare. However the position was great for looking at the stars and the lights in a small town like this one would make looking at the stars much more pleasant. The place was one of the few draws in the town and it had been build and was owned by Valarie’s father. Valarie helped him out by managing the place.

The Forbidden Domain - Part 5

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There was no response to my calls. I wondered if Master was out back. I walked through the back door. There was a small garden out back that Master tended. It was well taken care of like usual but there was no sign of Master. I checked his bedroom and wandered through the hallways looking for him. I grew desperate as I ran outside and checked the shed. There was nobody here. I returned to the house worried and scared. Master rarely left this placed, maybe he had gone to purchase something, that seemed to be the most likely. I could wait for him but I didn’t know how long he would be.

The Forbidden Domain - Part 3

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The man sat there quietly for a moment and Mr. Bordelon nodded in understand, “This new town is probably confusing for you. You are probably more used to the city then a small town like this. Basically everything is within walking distance and I’m sure that you will get used to it soon enough. However, I can have my daughter give you a tour of the town.” Mr Bordelon stood up and moved the the doorway, “You stay here while I go and find her.”

The Forbidden Domain - Part 2

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Lyle Clarke was still uncertain which ending to pursue for his first try at the game. Given their previous titles he expected for there to be a lot of them and Starlight Studio had only given hints at a couple of the endings. He did know that there would be a major choice between which of the two heroines that he would support. The other heroine would then become the antagonist. He also suspected that there would be a special hidden ending where you can reconcile the two heroines although that way would probably contain a twist that nobody could have expected.