Welcome to Poseidon Resort

Welcome to Poseidon Resort

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Welcome to Poseidon Resort - Part 1

Welcome to Poseidon Resort - Part 1 Nel Wed, 11/07/2018 - 15:39

Chapter One — Going Down

The large lift whirred into action the moment he pressed the button. It began to sink and there was a gurgling as water began to rise on the outside of the glass windows. The water swiftly completely covered the lift and the only thing that could still be seen from the surface was the sun sparkling through the water.

A crisp automated voice said, “Thank you for visiting the Poseidon Resort. To help protect the sea life this lift is moving at limited speed. You will arrive at the resort in one hour.”

The lone passenger on the lift look up at the speaker for a moment before returning to looking out of the giant glass windows that made up the majority of the lift.

Occasionally small fish swim past the window but those were gone almost as soon as they appeared as the lift continued to sink into the deep ocean. The twinkling light from the sun began to fade slowly as it went deeper and deeper until eventually it was completely gone.

After that the outside of the lift was pure black with the only light coming from the ceiling of the lift. The man was sitting on one of the benches in the lift still staring out into the dark abyss of water. He was young looking but still definitely an adult. He had black hair which went down almost to his shoulders and was messy like dealing with his hair was too much of a pain so he just left it.

Some might call him good looking but note that his noes was probably a bit small looking and that he would probably look better if he was smiling. Instead he was just staring out into the darkness with a blank look on his face.

Beside his was a small piece of luggage. Barely big enough to hold more than a couple changes of clothing. It looked more like something you would bring on a daytrip or maybe a small weekend getaway however inside was all of the man’s worldly possessions.

On his wrist was an old fashioned mechanical watch, a novelty of ages gone by. The only sound in the lift was the almost imperceptible ticking of the watch.

The seconds turned into minutes as the lift continued deeper and deeper into the water.

Finally something other than darkness began to show. A large structure. A pillar of stone and metal covered with glowing panels. Like an obelisk the top had just appeared and it continued to stretch off deeper and deeper into the water.

The pillar was covered various different kinds of underwater flora which clung to the uneven shape. The juts of the pillar seemed designed to intentionally provide that kind of purchase of the different plants. Small Fish could be seen swimming about them.

Beyond in the water could be seen another spot of light, another one of the pillar.

The voice spoke once again over the intercom. “The giant pillars were constructed at Poseidon Resort several centuries ago when the resort was constructed. They provide a light anti-gravity field over the resort lowering the pressure of the water and allowing an abundance of plant and animal life to flourish. Because of the natural pressure barrier created by this field the ecosystem here is isolated and completely unique. Please enjoy your time here at the Poseidon Resort.”

The man had stood up and took several step forward bringing him to the edge of the glass.

The floor of the ocean has finally began become visible. Cliffs and crevices covered in plant life. Vibrantly colored coral and many strange and unusual fish. Several more of the giant pillars could be seen, spread across the deep ocean providing illumination to everything.

Even in the murky water a person could see quite far into the water.

The man looked down and could see the shape of the Poseidon Resort belong him. The structure was made out of the same stone and metal construction as the pillars except windows could be seen dotted here and there on the structure.

Given the size of the structure there could easily be a few hundred rooms, even assuming you left plenty of room for resort amenities.

As the lift began to make its final decent into the resort. An fish easily larger than the man swam up to the glass. It snapped up one of the smaller fish which was passing in front of the window. The larger fish had opened its mouth up into four separate parts each with a set of sharp teeth.

The man took several steps backward however he was safely protected within the lift. The larger fish, content with its meal, turned and swam away from the glass leaving the man to himself.

He stood there with a look of awe before the top of the resort opened up and the lift slide down into a hole that had opened up for it. A few moments later the lift jostled a bit and then settled. The door opened up and the voice came again from the speaker.

“Welcome to the Poseidon Resort. Please enjoy our amenities however you wish. There is one other guest. Please remember to treat other guests kindly. Your room number is suite 35. If you have any other questions direct them to customer support. Thank you for visiting us.” Then the automated voice went silent.

The man picked up his small piece of luggage and left the lift, stepping out into the large entrance room of Poseidon Resort. This room had one large wall with a glass window out into the ocean. In the certain was many tables of various sizes surrounded with comfrey chairs. Several beautiful chandeliers hung from the ceiling basking the entire room with bright light.

On one side of the room was a bar filling with many different looking bottles. It was open so that any guest could step in and get whatever they desired. Poseidon Resort was completely automated so there was no person behind the bar.

However the man didn’t seem to be interested in any of that. He turned and passed the second lift and began walking toward one of the exits of the entrance hall. There was a sign against one of the walls that said “Rooms” and pointed in the direction that he was walking.

It didn’t take him long to find the interior lift which he was able to take up the the third floor. There only looked to be six rooms on each floor so it was a simple matter to find the one that belonged to him. The room automatically unlocked when he turned the handle and stepped inside.

He was greeted by a spacious four room suite. A living large living room, a separate bed room, a bathroom and a small walk in closet. Certainly more room than he needed with his single small luggage.

The man didn’t even bother using the closet and just set his luggage next to the bed. With that out of the way he walked over to the small pamphlet stand on the table in the living room. He flipped through it reading a few different pages about that different amenities that the resort had before setting the pamphlet back on the stand and leaving his room.

He wound he way through the halls of the resort until he finally to the restaurant. “Diver’s Delight” was what is said on the outside. Inside there was a bunch of tables of various sizes each of with separated from the others by junglish undergrowth.

Each table was almost completely isolated from the others and above everything was a giant glass ceiling whether the open ocean was visible. The entire place was impeccably designed.

The man took a seat at one of the smaller tables and picked up the menu which was tucked away on one side. Most of the items were various fish dishes with a label that said “locally source” and “unique to Poseidon Resort”.

He took several minutes trying to make a decisions before finally deciding. He pressed down on one of the items on the menu. A light lit up next to the item. Once that had happened he folded the menu back up again and set it back where he had found it.

The man stared up at the ceiling watching the fish swim around. On the other side of the glass it was a giant hole in the rock with the restaurant on the bottom. On all the sides leading up were little indents in the rocks where the fish could live.

Around ten minutes after he had made the order there was a whirring sound and a wood carved back rolled across the floor toward his table. On the top was a grilled fish with a side of several different vegetables and some kind of sparkling drink.

The machine carrying the meal rolled up next to the table. Then the top raised up a little and the meal was slide onto the table next to the man. With that done the robot drove off back to the kitchen. The man slide the plate a little bit closer to himself before reaching out for a fork.

After his first bite his face, so long left in the dull emotionless form, lit up with the first actual smile he had made since entering the resort. While it quickly disappeared the man began to slightly hum to himself while he continued with his meal.

He was a quick easter making short work of everything that was on the plate. Just as he was about completely done the robot came rolling back with a small bowl with some sherbet and a couple of pieces of fruit on it. The robot once again raised the tray and slide the bowl onto the table before rolling off again.

The man watched the robot roll away before finishing the fish meal. He pushed the plate away before moving to enjoy the sherbet. It was a small portion but just enjoy to savor and enjoy. After finishing it he looked at the desert menu again for a few moments before putting it away and standing up.

He left the restaurant and began walking through the resort section of the building. There was a large swimming section with glass walls separating the pools from the open ocean. However beyond that was a sign pointing toward “Deep Sea Diving”. He continuing walking and the hallway turned around a corner before leading into a large room. On the far center side was a large portal which read “Deep Sea Diving” and around it was setup a bunch of diving equipment of various shapes and sizes.

There were also a bunch of changing rooms each with their own locker for storing what you wouldn’t be able to take with you out into the open see.

The man had moved over to a small stand near the diving suit. It held even more pamphlets. He has pick up one listing safety instructions. One of the sections mentioned that the diving suits were fitted with sonic emitters which would ward off any large predators which would approach you and that for the animal’s safety you could avoid getting to close to them.

He was just setting the pamphlet back on the stand when the large portal in the center of the room began to open up. It was an air-locker which separated the resort from the open ocean. While reading the pamphlet he hadn’t noticed that the air-locked had begun to drain.

As the portal opened a woman stepped out of it. Not just any woman, this one was covered from head to toe to light silver scales. She wasn’t wearing a full diving suit, more a swimming suit than anything else. She was wringing out her perfectly emerald green hair with her one free hand. Her other hand held a closed basket of some kind.

Welcome to Poseidon Resort - Part 2

Welcome to Poseidon Resort - Part 2 Nel Wed, 11/07/2018 - 15:45

When she opened her mouth to speak she revealed a mouthful of pointed teeth. “It is rude to stare you know.” There was a raspy edge to her voice like her teeth didn’t quite agree with with the language she was speaking.

The man coughed and turned his head. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to. I just didn’t expect to see you down here.”

The woman had set down her basket and had grabbed a towel from one of the conveniently placed racks. “You must be the new guest that I heard had arrived. Are you planning on staying here long?” She asked.

“Ah, yes,” said the man as he rubbed his hand on his pants before holding it out for her to shake, “My name is Clemens. I plan on staying here for the indeterminate future.”

“Un huh…” said the woman who didn’t show any indication of returning the hand shake, “If you are going to stay here a while I guess it wouldn’t hurt to also give you my name. I’m Sarita. I’m living here permanently so expect to see me around for the entirety of your visit. You probably won’t see me too much though, I spend most of my time outside.”

Clemens tilted his head before saying, “Do you not need a diving suit to go into the ocean?”

Sarita had finished removing the most significant portion of the water from her hair so she had dropped the towel into a basket for used towels. She then turned to stare at Clemens, “That is right” although she didn’t provide any additional explanation.

She picked back up her basket turned and began to walk toward the section of the resort that had the rooms, “Now if you will excuse me, I plan on returning to my room for a meal.”

Sarita had about left the room before Clemens called out, “Sorry, but before you go could you point me to someplace. There is supposed to be a sensory deprivation chamber somewhere nearby here? Could you point me in the correct direction?”

She paused and looked back at him, “The sensory deprivation chamber huh? Can’t say that I have ever used the thing but I believe it is down two levels from here.”

“Thanks” said Clemens in reply but she had already turned back around and left.

The room seemed unusually silent now that he was alone again. He looked down at the hand that she had refused to shake. There were a few moment of contemplation before he turned and walked down another one of the passageways.

He wouldn’t have really needed the directions, the Poseidon Resort was pretty clearly labeled and once he had taken the lift down the B2 floor there were more signs to direct him to where he wanted to go.

The facility was mostly white and sterile looking with small individual rooms. Clemens took one of the rooms and following the instructions printed nearby put his watch and his clothing in the locker near the pod.

The long ovular pod was the sensory deprivation chamber in question. He opened it up and slipped the small rebreather mask over his mouth and nose. After laying down at the bottom of the pod he slowly lowered the top down until it clicked shut leaving him in total blackness.

With no sound at all the chamber began to fill with almost perfectly room temperature water. In mere moments the entire chamber was filled and he was left almost completely without sensory input, alone with only his thoughts.

Chapter Two — Family Bonds

It has been nearly three weeks since Clemens first arrived at the Poseidon Resort. Since his one time in the sensory deprivation chamber he hadn’t returned there. The next day he had instead search the resort for some writing tools and then secluded himself in his room where he sketched lines on paper for hours.

Since then the drawing has just laid there on his deck. It depicted the woman Sarita as she exited the portal to the open ocean.

With that complete he then proceed the avoid her and the Deep Sea Diving section of the resort. Instead spending him time on some of the upper floors which contained an observation deck and a large library. A couple of times he had seen her swimming through the ocean from the view in the observation deck. Each time he stopped and watched until she disappeared from view.

Their closest actual interaction was passing each other in ones of the hallways near the rooms. She didn’t speak as the passed and while he opened his mouth nothing came out of it.

They existed in that kind of awkward silence for a couple of weeks.

What finally broke that was the speaker system announcing, “Two new guests are arriving at Poseidon Resort. Please remember to treat other guests kindly and continue to enjoy your stay with us.”

Clemens had been staring aimlessly out of the window on the observation deck when he heard that. He checked his watch and confirm the time before heading down to the main lobby to meet with the new guests. He arrived just before the lift finished arriving and the door to it slid open.

Out of the lift came two people. One older looking man with a white short sleeved button up shirt and the other a short girl wearing a poke-dotted sun dress.

The girl dashed out of the elevator and began spinning around looking at everything. She called back to the older man saying, “Daddy look, isn’t this place amazing!”

The older man stroked his short beard and said, “Yes, yes, quite amazing. However don’t run off alone just yet. You would want to leave your old papa with all these bags by himself would you?”

The daughter stopped and turned back to the man. She nodded understandingly, “Right, of course, one thing at a time.”

The father pulled three couple of large bags out of the lift and into the main room. The daughter was still staring around the room while slowly walking back to him. Once she arrived back he reached out an ruffled her shoulder length hair.

“Stop” she complained, although it was only half hearted, “You are messing up my hair.”

The father only smiled however. But he stopped as he looked across the room and saw Clemens.

“Oh ho, look, another guest has come to greet us. Please, no need to be polite, some over and say hello to you.”

Clemens broke free him his pose and walked closer to the two of them, “Sorry, I didn’t want to disturb you. It was just a picture perfect scene so it felt wrong to intrude.”

“Don’t worry about interrupting us. Esme here will get bored if the only one she has to interact with is me.”

“It’s Esmeralda.” Said the daughter correcting her father who was just quietly laughing.

“I’m afraid I won’t be much good company.” Said Clemens.

Esme puffed up her chest and said, “Do not worry about me, I am here to keep my poor overworked father company while until he finishes.”


The father nodded, “Oh, yes, I’m writing a book. Nothing too fancy but everything was so loud and noisy back home that I decided I wanted to get away for a while. I wanted somewhere quiet so finish the book and heard on the grape vine that the Poseidon Resort was basically nearly abandoned so I though it would be a good place to get away.”

Clemens nodded, “Yeah, I understand. That is basically why I am here too. The two of you just doubled the population so you should be able to find the quiet you need. And Sarita spends most of her time out in the water anyway so you probably won’t see much of her either.”

“Ah, yes, the announcer voice did say there were two other guest. Are you with her?”

Clemens shook his head, “No, she was here when I arrived. Apparently she had made this place her permanent residence.”

“That sounds lonely,” Said Esme with a worried look on her face, “I would probably go crazy if I had to live in a place like this alone.” Then her face brightened, “But I have father here so I’m sure everything will be fine.”

The father said, “You honor me but I’m not that great.” He turned back to Clemens and said, “My name is Hubert by the way.”

“And I am Clemens, sorry for not introducing myself sooner.”

“That isn’t a probably. Now we need to get these bags away so I can let Esme do whatever she wants. Although you will have to forgive me if I am sparse for a while. I need to make sure I get the book finished before I actually get to enjoy the vacation.”

Hubert took two of the bags while Esmeralda took the smaller one and they began the short trip to the rooms section of the resort.

Clemens watched the leave, they had not been the kind of people he had expected to show up. While it was a good quiet place to do some writing it wasn’t really a good place to bring a child. Poseidon Resort was basically in the middle of nowhere, a lost relic of a long gone age.


The next day Clemens found Esmeralda sitting in the library with a giant book which looked even more enormous next to the little girl. He hesitated for a moment wondering if he should disturb her not not.

However she was the one who first spoke, “You can come over. I’m not afraid of you or anything. I consider myself a pretty good judge of character anyways.” She sounded more sophisticated than she had yesterday, not like a child at all.

“I see.” Said Clemens a bit uncertain as he took several steps closer to her and eventually took a seat in a chair a couple down from her.

She lowers the book to get a clearer look at him before saying, “I caught a glimpse of her this morning, the other guest. She didn’t say anything though. I can’t really blame her however. It is tough being a designer child.”

Her knowledgable tone made Clemens put the puzzle pieces together in his head, “Then you are one too? Then your father…” He trailed off.

“Hubert isn’t responsible. He is my adopted father.”


Esme continued to look at Clemens a bit quizzically. “It can be difficult to act like a child sometimes but Hubert keeps me grounded. It was really quite fortuitous that I met him.”

There was a long pause with Clemens not really certain how to respond.

Esme was the one to speak again, “So why are you here?”

Clemens continued to be silent for a long time before finally saying, “I’m not really certain myself. I just wasn’t satisfied with what I was doing with my self and wanted to try something different.”

“So you went to an abandoned underwater resort on a planet in the middle of no-where? Quite the extreme reaction to a mid-life crisis.” Said Esme flatly.

Clemens shrugged, “I’m not certain what it was really. That caused me to come here. I think I just wanted to be alone for a while.”

“Any now?” Asked Esme.

“I guess I’m still trying to find myself.”

“Definitely a mid-life crisis.” She said with some finality before turning back to her book. “If you want help with it I recommend speaking more to Hubert than me, I’m a bit callous about this kind of thing. He has a better way with words than me, something about being a writer.”

Esmeralda had returned to her book and Clemens was deep in though and just sat there thinking as she read. Some time later she set down her book and said, “I need to get back to Hubert. I’m sure we will see each other around.”

Welcome to Poseidon Resort - Part 3

Welcome to Poseidon Resort - Part 3 Nel Wed, 11/07/2018 - 15:46

Sarita was returning from the deep sea. She had been deep in some of the farthest caves still within the gravitational field. Somebody, probably decades ago, had setup a small rest house all the way near the edge of the field.

There wasn’t much in regards to amenities but it did provide a small safe haven from the deep waters and allow for some rest. Sarita had renovated the place and it was full of books and tools. Sometime she would spend days at a time out there away from even those that could show up at the resort.

With just one other guest she had been content to stay in the resort like she normally did. But with the arrival of two more she had packed a couple of waterproof bags and left to the gettaway.

The new little girl guest had watched her leave and Sarita was also happy to be gone. She had hoped to say out here until those two decided to leave however she had run out of ink only four days into her isolation. Using pens to scratch out her notes was a bit rustic but it was a habit she hadn’t been able to break.

Since the hideaway was not part of the actual resort there were no stealthy robots to replace her used tools while she was outside so she had to return to the resort personally to restock. She had made a list of everything that she thought she would need to spend several weeks out in the hidaway.

That was what had caused her to return to the Poseidon Resort.

Her swim back through the murky waters was mostly uneventful. She had been through this was countless times and knew the routes in the water by heart. She didn’t even have any of the sonic emitting diving equipment on, the predators out in the water were more afraid of her than she was of them.

Even with her exceptional swimming speed it still took several hours to return to the Resort and that was only from one edge of the zone to the center. The area covered by the Poseidon Resort gravity field was truly enormous.

As the resort began to draw into view she could see into the large viewing platform that was on the third floor along with the library. She could see the man, Clemens sitting in one of the chairs reading.

He also seemed to notice her and he looked up. He raised a hand in greeting like he usually did when he saw her and she didn’t pay any extra attention to him this time then she did any of the times that they meet.

Still she had grown more used to him then some of the other guests and avoided him less than she did some of the others that had showed up. There was a second entrance to the resort that would let her avoid being seen by the observation deck. That entrance lead into the back areas of the resort where the robots hide themselves when they weren’t working.

The resort used that entrance for their fishing robots which caught fresh fish for the restaurant when it was needed. However that route was a pain for Sarita to go through and she preferred to use the normal deep sea diving entrance.

The airlock to the diving room sealed behind her and was the water drained out she coughed out the remaining water that was inside her. The multitude of aquatic plant life oxidized the water sufficiently for her and the other sea animals to breath in it without any issue. Sure a normal human would suffocate but her silver scales was a constant reminder that she was not a normal human.

She was thankful that the deep sea diving room was empty when she emerged. She quickly dried her hair and made toward the first stop in her hopefully quick return to the resort. Her room was on the sixth floor of the resort. She had initially gotten a room on the first floor but after several other guests had show up she had found it easier to just live on a higher floor. The upper floors rarely got reserved so people almost never got rooms next to hers.

Her room was a jumbled uncontrolled mess. It wasn’t dirty, the cleaning robots ensure that, but there was years of collecting built into several small rooms. Rocks and unusual shells she had found out in the ocean, piles of jumbled notes that she had written. Books she had ordered delivered, not even including the ones she had in digital copies on the computer roughly stashed away in one corner.

She pulled open one of the drawers and took a handful of pens and ink refills from it and placed them neatly in the bag that she had brought. While the robots wouldn’t restock her hideaway they were restocking her room at her request.

There were also a couple of the notebooks and normal books that she placed into the bag with the pens. If she was going to get any more work done out there she was going to need them. Following that was a couple extra changes of clothing. While she tended to wear the same thing for several days on end she still needed more than she had brought the first time. Doing laundry by hand out there was an incredible pain and more hassle then it was worth.

With everything she needed from her room done she returned to the lift heading back to the main floor. However on the way down her fears came true. The lift stopped on the second floor. The doors slide open to reveal and older man who she had only seen once before.

“Oh hoh, who do we have here.” Said Hubert as he stepped onto the lift, “The elusive other resident. What did Clemens say your name was, right Sarita, that was it. I’m Hubert by the way.”

The doors of the lift slide closed too slowly for Sarita’s comfort, “Yes, Sarita, that is correct.”

“We were afraid we had scared you off but it is good so see that is not the case.”

“This place is my home.”

“And a nice and quiet place it is. The time had just flown by since I got here.” He eyed the bad that Sarita was carrying before continuing, “However if you are going to go off and hide then can I ask a favor before that.”

The doors had begun to open on the main floor. Sarita wasn’t to head off quickly be she paused just long enough to listen to what Hubert had to say.

“My adopted daughter, Esmeralda. I would like you to find some time to speak with her. You see, she is a designer child. She doesn’t often get to have time to speak with people like her.”

Sarita had just begun to leave the lift as he spoke but she paused before finally saying, “I’ll try to make some time.”

“Thank you.” His words seemed mostly ignored as Sarita walked away at a brisk clip.

Esmeralda had just finished enjoying the spa. The warm waters had really sunk into her bones and now she was relaxing in one of the massage chairs that were located nearby. She raised an eyebrow in surprise when a scaled woman with emerald hair took the massage chair next to her.

“Father must have said something.”

“He said I should talk with you for a while.”

“He is quite meddlesome but that is one of the reasons he makes a good father figure. Certainly better than my actual parents.”

“Hmm..” Came the guttural sound from Sarita, “I don’t really blame my parents. My dad was also like me and I was supposed to be a second generation, to make everything seem more normal. They certain wanted me to be happy.”

“Did something happen to your parents?”

“Dad got an infection, it should have just been a simple thing but he had an unexpected allergic reaction to the antibiotic because of his unique biology. By the time we were able to get him to an actual doctor it was too late.”

“Any your mother?”

“She is still alive, but she loved dad probably too much and I reminder her too much of him. We parted ways since before I came here and I haven’t seen her since.”

“A tragic fate. Losing a loving family is probably worse than losing one who never love you.” Said Esmeralda.

“Do you want to talk about it?”

“My story isn’t that complex. I was born is Xalvian space.”

That caused Sarita to cough a little, “But they…”

“Yeah, although I didn’t experience the worst of the war. I was just an ornament for one of the lords. One of his eternal beauties, although his preferences were questionable.”

“Then your age…”

“I’ve looks like this since I first opened my eyes.” Said the woman who had been cursed to eternally look like a young child.

The conversation had died at that. They both stayed the with the massage chair kneading away at their backs.

“How is it out there in the ocean? It seems like it would be scary.”

“Scary? I don’t think I’ve ever though of the ocean as scary. The great gloomers can be threatening sure but the creatures out there are just animals each trying to survive in their own individual ways. I don’t think I would ever be frightened of something like that.”

“Great Gloomers?”

“They are one of the apex predators in the region. They are a mollusk with six limbs that strangle their pray before eating them. They are one of the few animals that are capable of surviving outside the pressure suppression of the resort and can escape from the other large carnivores. They also use echolocation instead of sight to figure out where their prey is so they can go deep into caves to catch food.”

“I don’t know they sound pretty terrifying to me. You seem to know quite a lot about them.”

“You probably heard the informational spiel about this place is an isolated ecosystem. However the truth is a lot more interesting than that. There are still some deep sea creatures like the Great Gloomer that are capable of existing in this area. Nobody has really recorded anything about how the animals have changed either.”

Sarita’s eyes had changed color while she spoke, darkening considerable. One of her biological quirks that helped her see clearly in the darkness of the deep seas. “It has been hundreds of years since the last person classified all the creatures out there. While the area encompassed by the gravitational field is wide for the purposes of population dynamics the area is actually small. Because of this the creatures have changed quite rabidly and all my notes have put the current species as quite different from the other records that I have found.”

Esme smiled as she watched Sarita talk about the underwater world. Esme looked even more like a child when she didn’t have a serious look on her face and Sarita looked even more like a bloodthirsty shark when excited. An impartial observer might view the current conversation between the two of them with a great deal of worry.

“Then you have taken over cataloging the creatures that live here?” Asked Esme.

“There wasn’t really anybody to take it over from, but yes. Initially I hadn’t really planned on take up permanent residence here but once I first went out into the waters I saw what a marvelous and strange place this was. Although it also helped that very few people come all the way out here.”

“Yes, being away from other people, that it probably why Hebert chose this place to let me get away from my problems, at least for a little while. He probably could have finished his novel anywhere.”

Welcome to Poseidon Resort - Part 4

Welcome to Poseidon Resort - Part 4 Nel Wed, 11/07/2018 - 15:47

“Is it easier for you to deal with people? At least you look normal.”

“Yes and no. I’d be completely useless without Hubert. He lets me keep up the charade about my age since life is just easier that way. However I can’t escape anything during work.” She sighed.

“Work? What do you do?”

“I’m one of the few remaining experts on Xalvian technology. Not who I intended to become but it just happened that way.”

“Is there much call for Xalvian technology?”

“Nothing new certainly. However Xalvia covered a lot of space before it dissolved. Given that it covered so much space there is remnants of their technology all over the place. Things don’t break very often but normal engineers don’t weren’t training for that kind of technology. Lots of the time it just gets replaced instead of being fixed but sometimes that isn’t an option. When that happens I’m one of the people that is contacted to make everything work again.”

“And when that happens you have to explain yourself.”

“Yeah,” Esme looked down as she spoke, “Most of the time it is fine but sometimes old grudges get in the way or they dislike people like us. Those times I regret my choice of career but I know it wouldn’t really be better elsewhere.”

Sarita growled in understanding. Even in the middle of nowhere it was impossible to completely get away from who you were.

“Well, if you ever need to get away again, you can always come back here to the Poseidon Resort.”

“Thanks, but does that mean you aren’t going to go off and hide for the rest of my visit here?” Asked Esme with a quizzical smile.

“Howww… how did you know I was going to do that?”

“Guess and processes of elimination mainly. You disappeared almost as soon as we first arrived and then this is the only other time I have seen you. Besides you left your large but just inside the door. I would have to be blind not to notice that.”

“Ah, I suppose so. I guess I’ve never really been good at hiding things from people.”

“It seems like that.”

“I’ll have to leave my research expedition until after you leave then.”

“You can tell me some more stories about the ocean.”

“Wouldn’t it be better just to go out and see for yourself?” Asked Sarita.

“Ummm….” Said Esmeralda hesitantly. “Only if you go with me. I don’t think I could do it alone.”

“A promise then.”

“I’m going to regret this aren’t I?”


“Congratulations Daddy! Your book is done!” Said Esmeralda as she pulled the cord on a small party popper. Confetti sprayed out of it and she and Clemens began to clapped. They were all sitting at one of the booths in Diver’s Delight.

Hubert was looking embarrassed as he waved his hands in front of his face. “No no no, it isn’t that impressive. The book was going to be done sooner or later. There isn’t that much to congratulate me for.” Although his appreciative smile countered the words he was speaking.

“I can’t wait until it gets published to read it Daddy!”

“Can’t you read it while he is writing it or just after it is done?”

Esme looked pouty while she folder her hands and looked down, “No, Daddy won’t show me anything until after it has been approved by his editor.”

Hubert looked even more embarrassed, “Listen without my editor to look over everything it is really rough. It is tough enough having people read what I wrote after it has gone through editing but before? Impossible, I would die of shame.” It sounded a little insincere coming from an older bearded man.

“What is your story about? If it is alright to asked before it goes to the editor.” Asked Clemens.

“I suppose I can share a little. It is a piece of historical fiction. About life that happened before the dawn of space travel. Most of the works concerning that time period where written near or during that time. That can make those stories difficult for a modern reader. For example some readers do not correctly understand how the concept of money works and most of the stories just assume the reader understands. In my books I like to explain how things are different in a way that is understandable.”

“That sounds fascinating. I’d love to read it when you finish publishing it.” Said Clemens, “Do you think you could send a copy here when it is finally done. Since you wrote a bunch of it here I think this place should have a copy of your book.”

Hubert nodded, “Yes, I would like for both you and Sarita to read it. It will probably still be a few months before everything is actually fully done but I’ll make sure to send a copy.”

“Does that mean you two will be leaving soon?” Asked Clemens.

Esme frowned and said, “Yes sadly, I’ve gotten a new request.”

Hubert put one of his hands on Esme’s hand and nodded grimly, “Yes, it looks like our vacation will end soon and I only just finished my book. We are going to be leaving in three days.”

“It will be much more quiet around here without the two of you.”

“Then are you planning on continuing to stay here?” Asked Hubert.

“Hmm, for now at least until I figure out where I want to go next. Although if I’m waiting for you book then I will stay here until it arrives.”

“Well good luck figuring out your path in life. Things have be difficult if you don’t have a direction to continue to walk in.”

As Hubert spoke the meal delivery robot arrived and rose up to like the tray full of plates onto the table. “But if you continue to have good food like this here I’m not surprise you don’t want to leave.” Hubert grabbed his own plate and put it in front of him and then grabbed the smaller children’s meal to place in front of Esme.

They continued to talk while enjoying the meal.

After a while Hubert excused himself from the table saying, “I’ll be right back” Leaving just Esmeralda and Clemens.

Once Hubert was out of sight Esme said “If you want anything to change between yourself and Sarita then you really need to say something to her, just stalking her is not a good idea.”

“I’m… I’m not stalking her.” Clemens stammered.

“No? Pining wistfully then? Either way is not healthy.” She had her child sized fork stuck is a small yellow vegetable and was waving it in front of herself.


“People can come to all kinds of arrangements, like mine and Hubert, but you need both parties to accept them. Even if you just want to live down here and have no interest in her then you should still talk that out with her. She had been living down her for a long time and has made this place her home.”

“You are right, I know that, but still.”

“This” She pointed the fork at him, “This is what is keeping you directionless. I can’t tell you how to live your life but even the the prefect direction appears if you don’t follow it then it might be lost forever. I think the saying goes, ‘Better to have loved and lost then never to have loved at all’. Choosing to abandon a path you are unhappy with is one thing but never following one is something else.”

She then took the fork and placed the vegetable in her mouth before chewing, “But that is just some advice from a kid.”

About that time Hubert returned from the bathroom while carrying a small plate of deserts, “The robot was delivering this to the table to I decided to grab it and save the poor thing the trip.”

“Welcome back Daddy, ooh, is that a piece of cake shaped like a shell! That is the one that I want.”

“Yes, yes, here you go. But you shouldn’t act so spoiled, other people might get angry at you.”

She just stuck out her tongue and proceeded eat the cake.

Both Hubert and Clemens laughed at the display.


“So you are really going to be leaving tomorrow?” Asked Sarita.

She and Esmeralda had taken over the private theatre in the resort had been watching some movies. Either taste in movies were almost completely different but they still enjoyed each others company.

“Yes, it is very sad. However work calls and if I stay on vacation any longer I think I am going to go crazy.”

“I guess I understand that. Still it will be more lonely around here without you.”

“Well, all visits pass with time. But I’ll make sure to send you some messages and I know Hubert is planning to send this place a copy of his book when it is finally finished publishing. I’ll even force him to sign it for you. My job never takes me near here but if I find myself with an excess of free time I’m make sure to stop by, maybe the next time Hubert is struggling to finish a book.”

“I’m not going to go anywhere so I’ll be right here when you want to come back and visit.”

Esmeralda nodded, “I’m glad to know that I’ll continue to be welcome here however I would like to give you a little advice before I leave.”


“I know I look really young but I have a bunch of useful tips. The first is that you aren’t nearly as averse to people as you think you are. You opened up to me extremely quickly. Sure I know we share some situations but that still isn’t enough to explain it. I feel like you are lonely down here and occasionally need some company.”

Sarita turned her head not really wanting to accept what Esmeralda was telling her.

“When there are other guests try talking to them, even a little. Maybe tell them about the ocean. I’m sure your enthusiasm about it will spread to them too.”

“I’m not so sure about that.”

“Oh at at least make some small talk with Clemens. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t hate you and if he is also planning on staying here for a long time then you should not always try and avoid him.”

“I don’t try and avoid him. We just live on different schedules and I spend a lot of time out at sea.”

“Hmm. It looks like things are more complicated here than I though. Even putting Clemens aside remember what I said about other guest. Most people who would head out to a place like this are probably at least a little open minded. Honestly most people don’t mind us it is just some loud outliers which are the exception, remember that.”

“I’ll try to keep that in mind but still…”

“I know it is hard to change a lifetime of experiences but you were able to talk with me so small steps. And if you have difficulty I’ll try to stay in contact. I know interstellar communication is slow but I’ll respond the best that I can.”

With that a pact was made between the two woman.

Soon enough the last day for Hubert and Esmeralda had come and gone and it was time for them to leave the Resort. That had taken their bags out to the main entrance room. Both Clemens and Sarita were their to bid them goodbye.

Sarita passed over a small necklace to Esmeralda. It was make from a variety of colored shells, “I know it isn’t very well made but those shells can only be acquired here. A true souvenir from the Poseidon Resort something you can’t get anywhere else.”

“Thanks, I’ll treasure it.” Said Esme in the tone she used when speaking like a child.

“And I would like to thank the two of you for letting us impose for so long.” Said Hubert.

Welcome to Poseidon Resort - Part 5

Welcome to Poseidon Resort - Part 5 Nel Wed, 11/07/2018 - 15:47

“It was nothing, after all this is a resort.” Said Clemens “Although I kinda have a gift too. I managed to find enough inspiration to draw this.” He handed over a small framed picture.

It was an excellent depiction of Esmeralda and Hubert swimming in the oceans. It was only drawn in black lines but the drawings almost seemed to leap out of the page with their liveliness.

“You drew this?” Asked Hubert as he took the picture, “You have a real talent.”

“I used to do this kinda of thing for a living before coming here. I haven’t really had any motivation recently but seeing the two of you gave me enough interest to break out my drawing tools.”

“Thank you, we would love to stay longer but our ship will depart with or without us.”

There was waving of goodbye on both sides and then the doors to the lift shut and Hubert and Esmeralda were gone, lifted up out of the depths of the oceans and back to the light of day.

Clemens and Sarita stood there just outside the lift in silence for a moment.

Finally Clemens asked, “Do you mind if I continue to stay here? I’ve been trying to figure out what to do next and still haven’t come up with any answers. I would like to continue to remain here but this is your home and I don’t want disturb your life.”

Sarita turned her back to him and said, “I don’t really care either way. You are less annoying then most of the people who stay here so I suppose you can stay as long as you want.”

“Thank you very much.” Said Clemens with a short bow.

“Hmm, no real need to thank me. You just seem like an alright guy so there is no harm in letting you live here to.” She turned and began walking away then she stopped for a moment and looked back, “Oh and when Hubert’s book arrived make sure to find me. I want to read it too.”

“Sure” said Clemens to the retreating back to Sarita.

Once she was finally out of earshot he muttered to himself, “Well, at least that went well.”

Chapter Three - Mystery Abounds

It had been several months since Hubert and Esmeralda had left the Poseidon Resort. The long awaited book had arrived and Clemens was nestled in the library finishing it. He had become fascinated at the strange world in the story which was both similar and different from the one he dwelled in.

It was a world on the brink of ecological disaster where an ideological war was being fought over the future. Some of the concepts were very strange to him and the characters were compelling so he found himself engrossed in it.

When the book was finally done he placed it down on the table and thought about its contents for a while.

His thought process was disturbed by the sight of Sarita approaching. She was still outside the resort swimming toward the Deep Sea Diving entrance. From the viewing platform he could see her approach clearly.

He picked the book back up and approached the window. Once he got to the edge he pointed at the book trying to gesture through the window to Sarita. She seemed to noticed him and swim closer to the window.

She looked at what he was gesturing toward and seemed to nod before starting to swim down to the entrance.

While their encounters since Hubert and Esmeralda left weren’t the most friendly they had interacted far more than they had in the past. Even if it was a brief as greeting each other while they past each other in the hallways.

It took a few minutes for Sarita to join Clemens in the viewing platform. Her choice of clothing was still more swimsuit than actual clothing but Clemens had gotten used to her unusual choice of regular attire.

Clemens had gotten the book several days earlier but Sarita had been out on one of her extended trips and had only just gotten back from it.

“The book arrived I see.” Said Sarita.

He nodded and handed the book over to her, “You were on an extended trip and it arrived while you were gone. Because of that I have already had a chance to read it.”

Sarita looked at the front cover for a moment before nodding, “Thanks. I’ll make sure to return it to the library when I am done with it.” She was about to turn to leave but hesitated for a moment and asked, “Do you like it?”

Clemens nodded, “Yeah, although I feel a bit disconnected from it. Things have changed so much since that time that I’m not certain how to relate. But the look into the people of the past is fascinating.”

Sarita had flipped open the book and was looking at one of the earlier pages, “Dedicated to my daughter. Many thanks to the people I met along the journey to complete this book.”

“Yeah it looks like they are doing good.” He also handed over an envelope, “This also came with the book and it was addressed to you. I expect it is from Esmeralda.”

Sarita took that as well. “Thanks”

She was about to leave then when a synthetic voice came over the speakers, “Eight new guests are arriving at Poseidon Resort. Please remember to treat other guests kindly and continue to enjoy your stay with us.”

Sarita glanced up in surprise, “Eight?”

“Yeah, that is a lot of them. I wonder what reason they all have for coming here?” Said Clemens with a curious tone in his voice.’

“I don’t really care. I’ll probably be out of the resort for a while.”

“If that is what you want.” Said Clemens.

Sarita looked at the book and letter in her hands before saying, “Well, maybe. I’ve already been out for a while and wouldn’t want to risk the book to the waters. I’ll made a decision once I am done with it.”

Clemens had headed down to the main hall where the new guests would soon arrive. As one of the two current guests already here he wanted to give them a good first impression. Still eight guests was a lot of guests. There was enough rooms and space in the resort for many more than that but because it was normally so quiet it seemed like an abnormally large amount of people.

When the doors to the lift opened the small crowds of people poured out. They were a strange eclectic mish-mash of people Five men and three woman with a whole host of baggage. They were all adults but the range of ages was everywhere from the late teens to quite old.

Nothing immediate seemed to tie any of the people together. It was like they all decided seperately that is particular was the perfect one to visit an obscure resort in the middle of nowhere.

Clearly that wasn’t actually true as one of the middle aged men stepped forward leading the group. He was wearing some weird plaid hat that flopped in the front and the back. As he stepped forward he said, “Alright everybody. First think is first we all need to check into our assigned room. Once that is done we can all meet back up in this central area to freely enjoy ourselves before tomorrow.”

The seven other people began to pull their luggage out of the lift. Each of them had brought quite a lot of belongings like they are all expecting to stay here for an extended amount of time.

As the last of them was finally making their way out of the lift the leader of the group noticed Clemens approaching.

“Hello there.” Called Clemens as he got closer, “What brings such a large group out here of all places?”

“You must be one of the other guests.” Said the leader with the hat. “Wait, just stand there for a moment. Ah, yes, lets see.” He looked Clemens up and down before finally stopping and saying, “Ah ha, you must be from Devintar. Am I right?”

Clemens looked a bit taken by before finally saying, “Yes, well, basically. I was born there although I haven’t been back more around a decade.”

There was some clapping from some of the other people while the leader smugly tipped his hat, “Ah the place of your birth. One can never escape it completely. I had some suspicion from your accent but upon further examination of your choice of clothing and hair style I was able to pin it down definitively. Another brilliant deduction if I do say so myself.”

Clemens looked around at the other guests with a confused look on his face trying to figure out what just happened to him.

He was saved by an older woman wearing a provocative dress who stepped forward and said, “Don’t let Quincy bother you with his deductions. It is just one of his hobbies, one partially shared by all of us. You have already acted why we are here but I’m sure you find our odd mixture of people unusual yet?”

“Yes, that is true.” Said Clemens uncertain if he was just going to walk into the same thing that Quincy had done to him.

“Well, you see we are a murder mystery association. Once a year we get together for a big event and this year we have chosen the Poseidon Resort, renowned for its isolated location and few guests which is perfect for our little get together.”

“Yes, indeed!” Said Quincy who nodded along with the older woman, “We are hosting a murder mystery event starting tomorrow. You and the other guest are free to join us if you want. Maybe it will ignite your love for murder mysteries!”

Clemens was still a bit taken back by everything that was happening, “A murder mystery event? What sort of event is that?”

“Very simple.” Said Quincy, “One of us here is secretly the murderer who will have planned a devious murder that will kill one of our number. The rest of us must discover the identity of the killer before the event it over or we will have to suffer the most devious of penalty games.”

“I’m afraid I still don’t quite understand.”

“All in good time, all in good time. But first we must bring out bags to the rooms, come on everybody let use prepare for a good murdering time.”

With that the crowd of people began to head off toward the rooms leaving a fairly stupefied Clemens behind in the main hall trying to make sense of what he had been told.


Sarita had been listening in from around a corner. A murder mystery event was something that she was almost interested in. Esmeralda had recommended watching a movie about a detective and they had watched it together. It sounded vague interesting to her except for the whole deal with other people issue.

She held the book to her chest trying to draw encouragement from it and the letter from Esmerelda. Maybe she wouldn’t participate directly but she could at least hang around and listen to how everything played out. She thought she could probably accomplish at least that.

Still getting back to her room with the book while hidden would be a problem so she instead headed off to one of the side private study rooms. There were a handful of them around the resort and they were almost never used since there was almost never anybody else here.


The leader Quincy had arrived back in the main room before any of the others and had recruited Clemens to help him arrange a bunch of chairs in a circle. Ten chair have been placed in the circle, enough for all the members plus the two current guests of the resort.

They had then gone off to where catering could be requested to get some refreshments for the members since they would have to wait until after the meeting before going off to eat.