The Forbidden Domain - Part 5

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There was no response to my calls. I wondered if Master was out back. I walked through the back door. There was a small garden out back that Master tended. It was well taken care of like usual but there was no sign of Master. I checked his bedroom and wandered through the hallways looking for him. I grew desperate as I ran outside and checked the shed. There was nobody here. I returned to the house worried and scared. Master rarely left this placed, maybe he had gone to purchase something, that seemed to be the most likely. I could wait for him but I didn’t know how long he would be.

The Forbidden Domain - Part 3

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The man sat there quietly for a moment and Mr. Bordelon nodded in understand, “This new town is probably confusing for you. You are probably more used to the city then a small town like this. Basically everything is within walking distance and I’m sure that you will get used to it soon enough. However, I can have my daughter give you a tour of the town.” Mr Bordelon stood up and moved the the doorway, “You stay here while I go and find her.”

The Forbidden Domain - Part 2

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Lyle Clarke was still uncertain which ending to pursue for his first try at the game. Given their previous titles he expected for there to be a lot of them and Starlight Studio had only given hints at a couple of the endings. He did know that there would be a major choice between which of the two heroines that he would support. The other heroine would then become the antagonist. He also suspected that there would be a special hidden ending where you can reconcile the two heroines although that way would probably contain a twist that nobody could have expected.

The Forbidden Domain - Part 1

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The man pushed up his glasses and rubbed his eyes. He glanced over at the clock and groaned when he saw that it was three thirty in the morning. He needed to have everything done before the office official opening for business. The project was almost completed and all his co-workers would be angry at him if he wasn’t done by then. Technically the game was already completed, it only needed the final compile and bundle that he had been working on all night.

Beasts Beyond The Wall - Part 25

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Kirk - Dwindling

The call was abruptly shut off and it felt like Yaju was gone, maybe forever. Was it the Nothings that had done it, I suspected as much but there didn’t seem to be able hard proof or a good lead back to them.

I put my own phone in my pocket. Regardless of who attacked Yaju the very fact that she had been attacked meant that things were going into motion. Yaju was a powerful asset to Districts so if somebody was trying to dispose of her that meant they saw her as a risk, probably to a plan about to be unfolded.

Beasts Beyond The Wall - Part 24

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Yaju - Violence

I wanted to know how it came to this. I was standing on one of the houses in Districts and I was surrounded by normal humans. I had just been laying down on the roof of one of the high schools in Districts thinking when I had heard them approach. I was surprised that I hadn’t felt them but when I noticed that they were normal humans that made sense.

Beasts Beyond The Wall - Part 23

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“I still have trouble believing that they exist.” Said Rika. “I saw what they did to the insects but I still find it a strange thought. I mean I haven’t even heard of a rumor of these Nothings before.”

I scrunched up my forehead thinking. “I wouldn’t say that exactly. I still go to a normal school most of the time. There are lots of rumors that circle those sorts of places. One type always seems to get attention though, the ones about regular people being able to compete with Hunters.”

Beasts Beyond The Wall - Part 22

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“It is nothing special and it wasn’t certainly a nap. It is simple, after my watch I decided to do some training. The training rooms on my section of the wall tend to be more crowded then the ones here and it was close by so I decided to use these ones.” I said. It was the excuse I had come up with ahead of time. It was basically true, since the gate I usually guarded was one of the major gates it tended to have a large compliment of Hunters than this gate. The only problem was that I had no idea if this argument held water today.

Beasts Beyond The Wall - Part 21

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“Are those your other servants?” Asked Morn.

“I would not call them servants. They are Hunters like me that are also my friends. I might also needed to get a higher ranking Hunter in on this too. Without someone like that I’m not certain if I can pass off a fake identity.”

“I’m sure that whatever plan you make will be good.”