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Keys of Magic - Part 5

I spent the new couple of hours helping my knights organize the rest of my soldiers. I honestly didn’t do much compared to them. I generally had more luck understand money and economics then war. Still I had received classical noble training so I wasn’t completely useless.

Keys of Magic - Part 4

My dreams were wracked with horrible visions. I watched myself in third person doing terrible things and each time I smiled and laughed as I committed one horrible act after another. Then there was a moment of calm where I stood on an empty field. There were flowers flowing in a pleasant breeze which felt pleasant on my skin. There was a small house sitting off in the distance. It was made of bricks and smoke was rising from the chimney.

Keys of Magic - Part 3

It was nearly a month since my encounter at my old family keep when on of the rangers told me the bad news. The rangers are a squad of scouts that are in the crowns servitude. They watch the borders of the kingdom and ensure that nothing is amiss through the kingdom. They protect the kingdom but they also serve as the King’s eyes and ears throughout the land.

Keys of Magic - Part 2

“It is unusual for someone to pay attention to dead Gods.” Said the cloaked man. He stood there in the entrance watching me. I couldn’t make out any of his features but there was a sword on his belt. That told me a lot about the man, not of it seemed good.

Keys of Magic - Part 1

My story starts with legends, parts of the past that people only remember through words. Even the youngest kids know the story of the Slayer. She is known by many names but none of them are her real same. Some call her the Eternal Liberator, others the Doom of Salvation but most simply know of her as the Slayer.

Sphe & Friends - Part One (Tentative Title)


Sphe sat on a rock in the darkness. She was looking up at the sky. The moons faintly shown and stars twinkled in the sky. She was waiting for the sun to brighten over Sphere but for now it was only a dark hole in the sky. The camp behind her was abandoned like was usual for this time of night. There was a small long burnt out campfire and several tents pitched around it. All of the tents were empty.

Paragons & Demons: Part Two (Tentative Title)


His eyes were not always silver. He liked to say that they turned that way because he was always staring toward the future. That wasn’t exactly true but it wasn’t completely false either. It was with those eyes that he stared at the train. It represented the future after all, both for him and the world. It was a marvel, a technological achievement that had shrunk the world and it was about to bring him to a new life.

“So you won’t turn back then?”

Paragons & Demons: Part One (Tentative Title)


I know I never really post here but I'm wanting to write more fiction and put it up here. Also I since the only comments I seem to get are spam I'm disabling them. You can still contact me and my email is on the about page.

Luna Star, Part 25 - NaNoWriMo End

This is the end of the 50,000 words needs for NaNoWriMo. I don't feel that Luna Star is done. I will probably right a small epilogue and that will be the end of part one. I might right part two of Luna Star next year.

Luna Star, Part 24

Joy and Sibyl moved closer to the strange woman and Luna. The large statue of the beast almost seemed to shift while they walked like it was preparing to attack them yet it never did. It was Joy who spoke when the reached the woman, “Who are you?”

The golden light surrounded her pulsed slightly as she left out a laugh, “I am what I am and nothing more then that. I am the person who is taking care of Luna and I am the person who will give her unto your care. I am also the person who will show you how to escape and return to your home.”


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