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Luna Star, Part 20

“How long do you think she is going to sleep for?” Asked Joy. “It has already been two days. Could it really just be exhaustion after this long.”

“I really can not say.” Said Blackberry, “This sort of sleep is unusual. You are right that if it was just exhaustion at this point. There must be something else. Maybe she stained her mind and magic and is in a coma state. If that is turn then I don’t know how long she will be asleep for. It could be days or weeks or even longer.”

Luna Star, Part 19

That was a change in me

The unleashing of something evil

How deep I went

How much I was willing to do

When does the right thing start becoming the wrong thing

And when does the wrong thing start becoming the right thing

Chapter 13: Dreams of Regret

Luna Star, Part 18

It was the first sign

The first step along the path of darkness

That meeting with the Shadowed Soul

Everything changed for me cause of that encounter

I meet something of complete darkness

Yet there was something inside me

Something even darker

That was just waiting to be released

Chapter 12: Hate

Luna Star, Part 17

Sibyl walked through the pitch darkness of the school. She didn’t know how to deliberately transform so she had not light to guide her through the hallways. At the windows into the school there was sometimes faint beams of light coming from the street. She used those to orient herself and continued toward the stairs. Her main guide however was the feeling of the two things above her. One was the Shadowed Soul. That dark feeling that she had felt during the dream remained and she could guide her path using that.

Luna Star, Part 16

This city

Those inside it

My friends and schoolmates

They are what is most important to me

Because I don’t have anything else

Without those what else would have have

The Star family?

I wouldn’t lift a figure to save them

The memory of my sister?

Luna Star, Part 15

Sorry, I broke my arm and while I kept writing I never got around to posting all of it.

Blackberry curled up on the bed on top of Sibyl and began to take a nap. It was tiring to dealing with Luna and he wanted to get some rest but he also wanted to be awake when Sibyl woke up. Plus he was a cat and sleeping on somebody was practically second nature to him. He would have never done it with Luna however because she almost certainly would have killed him or done something nasty to him.

Luna Star, Part 14

“Yep, he talks. No need to make tea, it isn’t much after noon after all and I already had lunch. However if you want to make some tea for yourself I can wait a little bit.” Said Luna.

“Ah, no.” Sibyl stumbled over her words like she didn’t really know what to say.

“You want to ask about why I am here with my talking cat?” Asked Luna.

Luna Star, Part 13

Nita shrugged, “Not really. She spent a lot of time in the library. She also has a meek personality to people tend to forget her. Not to mention that she is rather sickly and manages to miss about as much school as you do Luna.”

“As much school as Luna? Is that possible?” Said K in a snarky tone.

“Surprising I know.”

“Girls can we stay on topic.” Said Luna, “You said that she is sickly. What is wrong with her.”

Luna Star, Part 12

Freedom High had a pretentious name and like expected didn’t quite live up to its name. Luna had hoped that they would be more lenient about absentees and instead they always seemed to bug her about coming to school. The only thing that kept them from breaking down her door and forcing her to school was the fact that she still somehow managed to get passing grades in most of her classes.

Luna Star, Part 11

The man and the monster fell back before the assault. The Elder Darkness writhed in agony and fell back into the lake. Since the lake was still boiling over it screamed some more and struggled to escape the waters. The man however reeled back in shock more then in injury. He had managed to escape the main volley before it hit the monster and only got a few tears in his robes. Luna could see a purple glow around the tears and it seemed like it was closing.


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