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** There is a large portion the the story here that was moved to the Epilogue after I finished the book. Because of that Part 16 and Part 17 are shorter than normal **

Chapter Break

“Jack, look, look, were are finally here.”

The city was just beginning to rise above the horizon. It was a huge city, sprawling out from a series of towers in the middle, most of which seemed like they were still under construction. The building style was still in that same almost renaissance style.

The only question was how was everybody going to respond to us. In the previous towns there had been a bunch of stinks because of our levels. Hopefully your journey will have gotten enough attention that we would only have one major confrontation.

I heaved up my hydra-skin backpack. We had found the hydra on a side expedition. I had been able able to create the backpack which was quite sturdy and very fire resistance.

“Yes and it looks like we have a welcoming committee.”

There was a practical army outside the gates of the city. Several rows of knights and behind them many archers and mages.

“You don’t think they want to talk do you?” I asked Alice.

“Probably not. They should try to be more interesting though. There doesn’t seem to be anybody higher than level 40 in that crowd.”

“There are you going to leave it to me again?” I asked.

“Did we have any more of that Hydra jerky?”

I handed her the backpack and she opened it up and began to rummage through it looking for the jerky.

I began to walk down toward the army. Once I was where I just far enough I stopped and waited.

Then a man on a horse began to ride over toward me. It was a young man. He was well dress and like the previous man who was as well dressed his level was concealed. He was also clearly terrified of me. The last one had thought that I was also lying about my level but this man knew that it was true.

“The Grand Army of Jental stands before you. Turn back or we shall slay you.” Announced the man in as confident a tone as he could manage.

“No” I said plainly, “I am neither turning back and your paltry army here will not be able to kill me. However I have no desire to fight. Let me pass unarmed and all of you will survive this day.”

“The High Nobility has given a personal order. There is only black and white.”

“A pity. Then go and tell your High Nobility that if they do not let me enter the city I will kill each of them personally.” I said, waiting a moment and then continued, “What are you waiting for. Go tell them, I will wait their answer.”

The man still look uncertain but a moment later his horse spooked and he flee back to the army. “I will wait your response by night fall.” I yell back at the man.

With that I turned and walked back to Alice. She had finished off the Hydro jerky. Back when we had slain it I had thought that the meat would last for ages but apparently Alice had nearly boundless appetite. I wanted to ask her if she had a job related to eating but even I was not that crass.

“Alice, there has been an inpass. Can I ask you to do something for me?”

“As long as it is not fighting that army. You can do that yourself.”

“No, I have something more difficult I want you do to.” I pointed to the huge tower in the center of the city which was completely built. “I need you to ensure that building and the surrounding area is empty by sunset and I want you to do it without getting noticed. The only exception is if there are any High Nobility you can use your own judgement on whether you need to evacuate them.”

“Any not getting noticed? That might be hard. Sure.” She smiled, “But you had better get me something good to eat in return.”

“Don’t worry. Soon after sunset we will be walking into the city and nobody will stop us.”

Then she had disappeared. Her flash step had gotten even higher. I was having trouble keeping track of her.

The only thing left to do was wait until sunset. The army just stood their waiting. I on the other hand made myself a nice campfire and cooked a few eggs which were quite delicious. I didn’t have a great number of spices but it was far better than in the pit. It was a wonder how much of difference salt made.

When the sun was about to set I put away the cooking supplies. I put everything in the backpack and slung it over my shoulder. Then I walked back to the place that I had stood before. Right on schedule the man on the horse returned. He looked like walking death.

“The High Nobility have refused you entrance to the Royal Capital.”

“Ah, such a pity. Now I recommend you get down from your horse.”


I pulled a spear from the collection of weapons that I had. “No, really, I recommend getting off the horse. Otherwise you will die.”

He scrambled down.

I could see the army beginning to ready themselves for battle with me. It was too late. I waited as the last rays of the sun dipped behind the horizon. Then I pulled back my arm.

I pointed the tip of the spear directly at that giant tower.

I am destruction incarnate.

And I threw. The wind whipped and tore around me knocking the man and his horse to the ground and sliding them away from me. The spear tore through the air, straight and throw with ultimate power. It was light a streak of golden light while headed directly toward the tower.

Even the soldiers in the armor were buffeted by the winds and many of them were knocked down. Then there was an earth shattering sound and the tower began to crumble and collapse. It was like slow-mo watching the tower fall slowly. Then there was nothing that could be seen above the houses where that tower had been.

Then I began walking toward the city.

The man who has collapsed on the ground just gapped as I walked past him. When I reached the army the spread before me as I walked by each of them in turn. None of them wanted to dare fight me. They had been shown in that one instant that none of them could even compare themselves to me. That offering their lives to stop me wouldn’t even slow me down.