Beasts Beyond The Wall - Part 24

Submitted by Apophenia on Mon, 12/23/2013 - 22:43

Yaju - Violence

I wanted to know how it came to this. I was standing on one of the houses in Districts and I was surrounded by normal humans. I had just been laying down on the roof of one of the high schools in Districts thinking when I had heard them approach. I was surprised that I hadn’t felt them but when I noticed that they were normal humans that made sense.

I had stood up and looked around. They were all wearing body armor and carrying large guns that I didn’t recognize. They were also all pointing their guns at me. “Is there something the matter?” I asked as casually as I could.

I wasn’t really worried about them. Even in the position I was in I should be able to fight and beat all of them. I stood there with them surrounding me and tried to get a feel from them but I wasn’t able to get anything. Then I saw the other person. I large man wearing the same body armor as the others. He had opened the door into the roof and just stood there. Then he spoke, “Kill her.”

That was all I or them needed to hear. They all began to fire at me just as I began to move. I was able to avoid the bullets however they were reacting just as fast as me. I had to keep moving to stay out of the arc of their bullets. I thought I could have defeated them all by killing them but that would involve killing regular humans.

There were two reasons I didn’t want to do that. The first was that I wouldn’t be able to get away with killing them. The government was extremely strict about Hunters killing normal people and I knew that if I did that I would end up back in my cell. The second reason was that I generally never felt anger or the desire to hunt regular Humans.

Trying to injure them without killing them while protecting myself from their bullets seemed like a foolish idea so instead I left the area. I leapt from the roof of the school onto the grounds. That turned out to be a bad idea. They must have anticipated that I would do that because there were more of the soldiers down here. I wasn’t prepared for them so when they started firing at me all I was capable of doing was raising my arms to protect myself.

I transformed my arms as best as I could to resist but I still felt the intense pain of the bullets entering my arms. It was far more painful then I had expected. Either the bullets or the guns must have been more powerful than I expected. Once I had my arms protecting me I was able to rush past the soldiers and run toward the edge of the school.

Once I had gotten free of the surrounding soldier I was able to escape the bounds of the school. It seems that they hadn’t been able to guard here as well. I was able to escape farther into the city. I jumped up onto the roofs of the buildings and ran along them.

After a few minutes of running I believed I had gotten a significant distance from my attackers. I stopped and knelt down. I concentrated on my arms and pushed the bullets out of my arm. They dropped on the roof which I was standing on. Once that was done I was able to seal the wounds on my arms. While I couldn’t easily repair all the damage I was able to prevent them from bleeding more and getting worse.

The bullets had caused more damage then I had expected and there had been a lot of them. I looked at the bullets and picked one of them up. It was dark, almost black, definitely not a normal bullet. Maybe something designed to be used in a very powerful gun. I slipped one of the bullets into my pocket and then I began to hear them.

I was paying attention this time so they were not able to surprise me. They had reached the roofs themselves and they were following me. There were a lot of them and they seemed determined to kill me. I heard the rumbling of a car and looked back to see a black car following me.

If they had a car it would be difficult for me to escape them. I looked toward the wall and wondered if going over that would be the best option. However that was extremely far away. I would need to find another place at the very least to lose these people.

I went through the options and eventually decided to head toward the center of time. Hopefully the solders would be less willing to attack me in the center of the populated section of this district. That left an important question, why were these soldier attacking me anyways. I couldn’t think of a good reason.

Were these people working with the government? There could be some factions in the government that might not like me because sometimes I have control problems. These would be the same people who wanted me to stay locked up. They could have a reason to want to kill me but I wouldn’t think they would be this determined.

Had the stopped when I escaped the school then I could assume they were government agents. But since they continued to chase me after I entered the city I doubt that the government would risk their citizens that much.

If it was an independent organization then I couldn’t find a good reason for them to want to go after me. It would have to be because I was a powerful Hunter, maybe some underground research group trying to unlock the secrets of Hunters. However there would certainly be better targets to have then me.

And that didn’t answer the question of the soldiers chasing me. They seemed strange. To all my senses they seemed human but their actions were so strange like they continued to follow orders without question until completion. Even now as I got farther and farther into the city they continued to chase me seemingly in disregard to the people who were living in the city.

I had managed to stay ahead enough that they didn’t fire at me. I needed to find a way to lose them. I had no idea if it would be effective but I began to hide my presence. That made me have to go slower so it was more difficult for me to be noticed. Eventually I dropped down to the street and began hiding in the alleys. With my presence hidden as much as I could.

I heard them searching through the streets and occasionally caught a glimpse of them. I found a unlocked door and slipped inside. There I hide keeping my presence as hidden as I was capable of doing. Occasionally I could hear them running around outside. I stayed there until I felt like they were gone, it must have been at least an hour.

Once I opened the door I looked both ways to make sure nobody was there. Once I was certain that is was empty I left and began to make my way through the city again. It only took a couple of blocks before I saw them again. No, not quiet, these weren’t the soldiers but I could tell that there were the same. Several people in black suits at the corners of one of the streets.

They were watching waiting for me. This time however I could see some of their faces. They were blank and empty before the intense observation that they were performing. I hide on the corner watching them myself for a minute before I turned and went another way.

Now that I had encountered them once before I knew what to look for. They felt like normal humans but they also felt a little strange like part of them was missing. If they were after me I needed to escape them. After a few minutes of evading them I found myself near the edge of the town.

I could see the wall in the distance and knew I would probably be able to get there if I was not spotted. However it seemed likely they were watching near the edges of the city. Maybe if I ran as fast as I could I would be able to get beyond the wall before I was overtaken by these people.

It was worth a shot at least. I bolted running as fast and as hard as I could. Almost as soon as I started I could hear somebody yelling and I knew that they had already detected me. I knew there would be cars following be soon. Running faster than a car on a well tended road was a task that almost no Hunter was capable of however if there was Hunter that could do it that would be me.

I could feel the strain which I normally never felt. Even the greatest athlete soon becomes tired when running at their absolute limit. However that limit kept me ahead of anything that was chasing me. I felt equally like that run was the longest and shortest moment of my life.

Eventually I found myself at the wall with burning pain in my entire body. The wall loomed but I seemed insignificant. I practically flew up it as I climbed the wall. I reached the top in probably record time. Once I had reached the edge I stopped. I felt a hesitation to left, like I was abandoning what life I had already gotten here.

I knew I couldn’t just leave, maybe driving me out of Districts was the main purpose of their attack if they failed to kill me. I had to at least tell somebody. I sifted through my pocket and pulled out my phone. I rarely used it and I knew what once I entered the Jungle it would be no longer get reception.

There were only a few numbers in the phone and I called the first one on the list. It rung a few times before it was finally answered. I heard Kirk’s voice on the other end, “Hey Yaju, what’s up?”

“Hey,” I felt my voice felt strange, almost choked, “This might be the last time that we talk.”

“What? Yaju, is something wrong?”

“These strange soldiers have been chasing me. I’m leaving the city to escape them.”

“Wait Yaju, what are you talking about? If somebody is chasing you then you could join up with some Hunters and surely you would be protected. Give me a few minutes and I’ll join you.”

“No, I’m sure that won’t be enough. They are very intent on killing me specifically. I think if I was with more people it would just threaten them or the soldiers would wait until there is a better time to kill me. No, I think I will leave the city.”

“Will that help? Surely you can’t just let these people drive you out of the city.” Asked Kirk.

“I will stay nearby to distract them but as long as I remain in Districts I will need to hold back to prevent destroying things. I need you to figure out who these people are. That is something I wouldn’t be able to do.”

“I have been hearing some stories. Were they Hunter or where they normal humans who felt strange?”

“The later.” I looked backward. “However I do not have much longer. I’ll have to end the call in a minute.”

“Yaju, please be careful. If these people are trying to kill you then they might not stop just because you left the city.”

“I know.” I said, “Thanks Kirk. Sorry but I have to get going now.”

“Bye.” I heard him said. Then I broke the phone and threw it to one side. These people might be able to detect my via the phone so I couldn’t take it with me. Then I jumped off the wall and ran off into the Jungle.