Detective Abarca and the Destiny Cards - Part 4

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Berardo raise his hands and shook them in a gesture of denial. “Oh, no, you don’t need to do anything that you don’t want to do. I just didn’t want to leave you in that pack forever.”

Eyes that Gaze the Horizon looked confused, “Then should I return to my card state and stay there until you need me?”

He didn’t know what to say so he looked at Rose to silently request her aid.

“I’m sorry, our Dreamer is an idiot and is inexperienced. What he meant to say is that he has no need to use his crystals right now so we can remain in our restrained forms until he needs the crystals for battle.”

“Why is our Dreamer so generous?”

“There are many Dreamer that believe in cultivating the social bond between themselves and their heroes. They believe that doing so makes interacting with their heroes more enjoyable and that the heroes fight harder as a result.”

Berardo just stood there flustered not certain what to make of the conversation between the two woman.

“Ah, I suppose I can understand that. Passion is strong motivator. Perhaps I should be thankful that he is not motivating me with fear or pain. Oh, I suppose his strategy is already working.” She turned to Berardo, “I shall do my best to form a strong bond with you.”

“I think you are both missing the point but I think I’ve given up trying to understand some of the things you are saying. I think I should just head back to the precinct and try to explain why there is a broken window on the second floor and why my arm is broken. Also I should actually get my arm taken care of, no offense Rose.”

Eyes that Gaze the Horizon spoke, “The precinct? What happened?”

Rose spoke, “Our dreamer is Police Detective Berardo Abarca. Last night we were attacked by a Dreamer who was violating the Prime Rules. We barely escape with our lives.”

“Police Detective Berardo Abarca. That is a very nice name. And what is your name?”

“I am Rose of Unyielding Flames. Although humans like to use shorter names so you will hear Berardo call be Rose and me call him Berardo.”

“Why would he want to do that?”

“Brevity. Even I understand that. I notice you ask a lot of questions is that part of your nature?”

“I suppose. Oh, It seems Police Detective Berardo Abarca has left during our conversation. I don’t have any experience with other Dreamers but he seems to be a strange one.”

“He is my second Dreamer and let me assure you all Dreamers are strange. Ours is still adjusting to being one. I expect him to realize the benefits of it soon enough. Although we should be quick and follow him. The Dreamer that attacked us last night is known as Cockatrice and we need to make sure he does not attack again.”

Eyes that Gaze the Horizon nodded. “I will do my best to keep a watch out. Without being fully manifested I will be greatly limited but I will do everything that I can.”

The two woman nodded in agreement and followed Berardo back to the police precinct.


After a grueling several hours Berardo collapsed at his desk. He had first had to get his arm looked at and sure enough it was broken and the gouge would definitely leave a scar. The doctor said he should get physical therapy once he could move the arm again because there was a lot of muscle damage.

Lots of bad news. Then he had to explain to the chief of police why there was a hole in the window and why he hadn’t been in contact when everything happened. That was difficult for Berardo. Luckily he had left his phone in his coat on the rack by his desk so it was easier to explain.

His explanation was that a witness to the crime, a red-haired woman named Rose, had come to him late at night. Unfortunately the murder had followed her and had brought some friends this time. They had barely made it out with their lives. Because of this the witness was understandably concerned with making a public appearance.

He wanted to tell the chief of police everything but he was actively worried that something would happen if he did that. There had to be a reason why something is potentially dangerous and powerful as Destiny Burst was not common knowledge. Considering what he already had access to there might be something like memory whip spells or people in the know could just be eliminated. Once he had figured out the details he could tell the rest of the police if it was beneficial.

Once it was all over he finally had some time to sit down at his deck and look over his notes. He was quite aware that at this point his notebook now looked like a mad-man’s ramblings or maybe some weird beginners guide for Destiny Burst which was written by somebody who knew nothing about it. He had even jotted some strategies about using the spells he had access to in different ways. Certainly an insane man’s journal.

He snapped the book shut when Detective Alexander walked over, “Berardo, you look like your in a rough state. I hear you got your harm torn up with a knife. Aren’t you supposed to study fencing or something?”

“Again Alexander, that was Sherlock Holmes not me. Need you constantly tease me about that?” Said Berardo. Alexander was a more senior detective then Berardo and he helped him through most of his training. However once Berardo had mentioned that one of the reasons that he wanted to be a detective was that when he was a kid he admired Sherlock Holmes and wanted to be like him. Since then Alexander had just never let the issue go.

“Haha, well maybe you should start studying fencing since you are apparently no good with a gun.”

“I hit him but the man was wearing a bullet proof vest and it did little more than stagger him.”

“Well the Chief said that is you need any help in this investigation then just call me up and I’ll do what I can. Wouldn’t want to have you injure your other arm you. I know, I’ll let you be my Watson when we team up.”

Berardo just grumbled as Alexander laughed and walked away. Berardo knew that Alexander would come running to his aid if he requested it but the man never let Berardo forget when Alexander came to his aid.

With that out of the way he took a moment to go and pour himself a cup of coffee. The coffee was always mediocre but even that normality soothed him for bit. Soon he would have to go back out there and figure out how to capture Cockatrice and how to explain it when he did. But for now he had a simple cup of coffee and he could enjoy it.

All two soon the cup was empty. He put on his detective coat, which didn’t fit right with his broken arm, and put on his detective hat. Alexander always said that he looked like a detective out of some 50s tv show but Berardo just thought it felt right. Detective were supposed to have some style.

With that accomplished he put his one good hand in his pocket and strode out of the polic station.

The King of Endless Water

Once he was outside he pocket spoke up. “What are we doing next Police Detective Berardo Abarca?”

Berardo pulled out the card for Eyes that Gaze the Horizon, or as he had decided to call her, Horizon. When he had gone into the police station the two of them had decided to take the form of cards so that they could join him.

“I was hoping that Rose could help give me a lead. Since you mentioned that Kathie actually played Destiny Burst there must be other Dreamers in this city other than just Cockatrice. If so then they probably know something or they might also be in danger. I was hoping that you could lead me to them.”

“Sure.” Came Rose’s voice from his pocket and pulled her out too, holding them both in his good hand. “First you should probably go to the Destiny Burst store and get registered so that the others know that you exist.”

“The Destiny Burst store? Is that were they sell pack?” asked Berardo.

The image of Rose in the card nodded, “Yes, that would be where you get more packs but it also functions are a meeting ground for Destiny Burst players looking for people to duel and gain more crystals. How is your next crystal doing? Without some extra crystals it will be had to investigate.”

Berardo looked around but he had managed to find a secluded area for a moment. He held out the cards and said, “Awaken! Rose of Unyielding Flames, Eyes that Gaze the Horizon.”

Wind and sparks filled the alleyway for a moment before the two of them stood before him again. With them out of his hand he was able to fish out the phone from his pocket and open the application.

“It saws 47% complete.”

Rose nodded, “It is progressive fast then. Crystals grow faster when Dreamers have unique and interesting experiences. It is part of their connection to your subconscious.”

“Are you planning on getting some more spells?” Asked Horizon, “I reviewed what you already have but your selection is pretty barren. A few extra spell packs would greatly broaden your capabilities.”

Rose said, “Your right but he probably can’t afford them yet. I estimate he needs 8 crystals before he even considers buying more spell packs. After all he needs enough to summon me and you and then still use the spells he does have.”

Berardo held up his hand, “Please, we can have this conversion while we walk. Can I first have directions to this Destiny Burst store?”

“Right, right,” Said Rose, “It is in the Owl Heights shopping mall.”

“What? How…. But…. Wouldn’t I know if it was there?” Berardo worked his mouth in confusion. Owl Heights was one of the popular sections of the city of Listorna and the shopping mall there was extremely popular.

“What better place to hide a tree then a forest?” said Rose. “Also the Makers use their spell cards to conceal the place from people who shouldn’t find it. It is easy to find if you know that it is their and you never notice it if you are not looking for it. Convenient.”

“What you consider convenient, I consider mind boggling. The tram is the fastest way to get to Owl Heights, follow me.”

Horizon’s eyes widened, “There is a tram?”

“Yeah, it does up the center of the city. Its usage it paid for in taxes so it is free for anybody to use. It is extremely crowded during rush hour but right now it should be fine.”

She looked excited, “Let us go see it now.”

It only really dawned on Berardo then that although Horizon had knowledge and intelligence appropriate for her apparent age she had no experiences. She had just recently been awakened for the first time and was therefor excite to see something she thought was interesting.

Oh, boy. He was not prepared to deal with this kind of situation. However did he get into this mess in the first place. Alexander would probably say that it had started by reading a Sherlock Holmes book and he probably wouldn’t have been wrong.

“To the tram it is then.”

The trip to Owl Heights was mostly uneventful. They rode the tram up the mountain while Horizon stared out over the city. Given her name Berardo kinda understood a little bit about why she might light it. Vistas like this were fairly impressive he had just gotten used to it since he had grown up in the city.