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Computer Projects

Upcoming Tanto Cuore Randomizer Update

I recently got the expansion to Tanto Cuore and as soon as I have had a chance to play it a little I will update my Randomizer to include an option for the new cards.

Kerberos Club Custom Skill Generator

Because of a random idea thrown around at I decide to create a web tool for creating Kerberos Club custom skills. It is still in production but it is capable of being used. Please tell me if there are any errors.

Tanto Cuore Randomizer

I recently got a copy of Tanto Cuore. It is a Japanese card game like Dominion except that it is about Maids. One problem I had with the game was that it had no good way of randomizing what Maids you used in a game. Being a programmer that I am I decided to create my own randomizer and post it online for anybody to us.

Fallout 3 Hacking Mini-Game - Now with more (or less) words

I added a slider bar which allows you to change the number of words from 5 to 15. The slider bar works the best in Safari or Chrome but it should also work in Firefox.

Fallout 3 Hacking Mini-Game - Now with difficulty levels

I added some difficulty levels which change how long the word is. Please check it out!

Fallout 3 Hacking Mini-Game

Due to a friend's request I decided to create a hacking mini-game which works the same way as it does in Fallout 3. So I spent a few hours today throwing together an implementation of it using HTML and Javascript. It is currently working quite well, although I plan on adding a more difficult version which uses longer words.

Please enjoy!

This requires the most recent version of Safari, Firefox, or Chrome.

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