Welcome to Poseidon Resort - Part 15

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“That might be true but it will probably just make him annoyed or angry. He will think that you aren’t taking him seriously. Which, even if true, isn’t something you should do.”

“Fine, I’ll go then. I can finish telling you about the pillars once I get back.” Then in almost no time she was gone. As the speed Sarita was swimming it was completely clear that she had slowed down to stay with Clemens and Marius one the way over.

Welcome to Poseidon Resort - Part 14

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“I am the mighty fisherman Marius!” Exclaimed the man.

“Suzuna, it is a pleasure.” Said the woman.

“And I am Clemens. I’ll try to bring her back here.”

Then Clemens was off to search for Sarita. His first port of call was the deep observatory however this time it was empty so he had to search elsewhere. He eventually found her at one of the sushi bars. Sarita preferred her fish raw and this was the one place in the resort that offered the food that she desired.

She looked up as he came in and said, “Is this another thing about the new guests?”

Welcome to Poseidon Resort - Part 13

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Quincy nodded, “Alright, I’ll spill the beans. Part of it is bad new, I am unfortunately going to have to retire as the leader of this little organization. I’ve been recruited as a deep space scientist and that will require me to be gone for probably years at a time. If scheduling is lucky then I can probably make one out of three of these events. A tragidy to be sure.”

He continued, “Nitzan is one of the members who have been here the longest so I wanted to make him the next leader of the group. So I bequeathed to him the Record of Murders.”

Welcome to Poseidon Resort - Part 12

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“Thank you for coming here today. For today we are going to reveal the identity of the culprit.” Said Zosi.

He and Marylou were standing in the center of the ring of chairs. There were both wearing hats exactly like the one that Quincy had worn. Floppy in the front and back but buttoned up on the sides. If there had just been one then Clemens would have though they took it from Quincy but if both of them had it then either Quincy had a spare or they also owned the hat.

Welcome to Poseidon Resort - Part 11

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“There isn’t any really have proof but I am certain about the deduction. When we arrived in Nitzan’s room your immediate leap to theft and that he must have search the room for it suggests that you know what it would be that was stolen. Indeed since that room you have been acting more distracted.”

Quincy stayed quiet as Marylou spoke and his placid face more than confirmed her suspicions.

“So, Quincy, care to open up and tell me what this is all about?”

“This… really isn’t relevant to the investigation I would think.”

Welcome to Poseidon Resort - Part 10

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“I’ll just go down the list alphabetically, so that bead Demetra is first.” Quincy had gotten grudging permission to search the rooms from the other guests which allowed him to access the doors.

The door to Demetra’s room slide open and the two of them entered. The room was well organized. Demetra had hung up a variety of dresses up in the closet. The bathroom contained a variety of makeups.

Welcome to Poseidon Resort - Part 8

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“It looks pretty convincing to me.” Said Clemens.

“We have had a lot of practice. However I’m not going to comment on the body yet. Not until everybody is here.”

The last to arrive was Somarliðr who was slower than the other guests.

Once he had arrived Quincy looked around, clapped his hands, and said, “You may begin now.”

Zosi knelt down near the fake corpse with Isaac standing just a little behind him. He had put on gloves and examined the body slowly without touching it yet.

Welcome to Poseidon Resort - Part 7

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“I kinda of understand but the enthusiasm of the members is higher than I would have expected.” Said Clemens.

“Well, we are a murder mysterious association, a more casual person wouldn’t have joined us in the first place.”

The conversation continued for many hours discussing the pros and cons of killed people in certain ways or methods of disposing and hiding bodies. Finally weariness began to kick in for the different members and one by one the left to return to their room.

Welcome to Poseidon Resort - Part 6

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With various refreshments in tow the two of them returned to the main room where a couple of the guests had already arrived. They weren’t yet sitting in the circular area and were instead lounging in different areas.

However with the arrival of the food they began to congregated near it and began to chat excitedly. Clemens didn’t really understand most of what they were talking about, something about forensic science.

Their remaining members trickled in one at a time until they had all finally arrived. Sarita was not there but that was not very surprising for Clemens.