Overlay - Part 23

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Chapter Break

The morning in the city was quiet. Like it was waiting for something. And the city would not be disappointed.

I walked down the main street with Alice by my side. We were wearing simple clothes which were similar to robes. Mine were strapped with weapons while Alice was unarmed. I’m sure we looked dangerous but our clothing was nothing to the two that came behind us.

It was Nikias and Azar.

Nikias was wearing silver armor that made him look regal and maybe a bit intimidating. It looks like plate but it was able bug carapace. It was one of my finest works. Nearly indestructible and very few weak points.

Beside him was Azar, who much to my surprise had turned out to be a girl. While Alice had complained about how I had been unable to tell it wasn’t really my fault. She was of the age were it was hard to tell and she had always been wearing pants and had a haircut befitting a boy.

I had made a battle dress of her. A long skirt make of tough leather and insect plate. It was also silver in the same way as he father. However the most impressive part about her was the sword that she was carrying.

It was bigger than her, bigger even than her father. It had been surprising how well she had taken to using large weapons. Unlike the training weapons that I had given her this one was not hollow in the center. It was immensely heavy and she carried it like it was nothing.

She had wanted a even bigger weapon but I had banned that. If she was carrying anything bigger then what she was already carrying people would stop being impressed and move into the realm of terrified. She had accepted me just making the weapon heavier.

They were also both a bit over level 40. I probably could have gotten them a little bit higher but that was basically the limit for the nearby locations that we could find. Higher level monsters were difficult to find.

From my estimation that was plenty high enough especially when combined with the equipment that I had made for them.

The four of us walked through the main streets toward the main towers of the High Nobility. There was a main square in the center of the towers.

Despite the quiet we had acquired quite the following. I had had Portman spread rumors about what was going to happen today. The actual details were still secret from most people but they all knew that I was going to do something insane today.

Portman had even spread the knowledge to several of the more understanding high nobility. It was going to be quite the spectacle.

We reached the center of the city. There were many people who had surrounded the main square. There was large balconies around the edge where the nobility would sit and watch when things happened.

We stood there in the center waiting. I left Nikias and Azar in the center. Once Nikias had realized that what I was attempting would actually be possible they become more accepting and supportive.

Today those two were the stars of the shows.

Once the sun reached its peak I looked to the different balconies. More than half of them were full. Those that were empty were probably in hiding, afraid of what was going to happen today. And they were right to be afraid.

I called out to everybody using an extremely loud voice, “Thank you all for coming today. There is something very important that I would like you to hear.”

I had everybody's attention now.

“Today, the High Nobility are ended. There are no longer in charge of this city.”

There were rumbling in the crowd. I had just upset everything. I had essentially just declared a rebellion against the current leaders of the city.

“However it is not for a demon to rule humans.” I spread my hand toward Nikias. “But the current state of affairs is broken. So I had found you a fair and just king. He will guide you into the future in a way the High Nobility would never had done.”

The mutterings grew louder and louder. Would they accept Nikias as their king, that was still to be decided. However there was still another important step that needed to happen.

“But he does not rely on my strength alone. Today I will give one chance for the High Nobility to assert their right to rule. If they can put forward a champion who can defeat my candidate for King then I will accept them as the true rulers of this city and I will leave, never to return.”

There was even more uncertainty and muttering in the crowd. They were trying to decide if I would really back down if somebody beat Nikias. I truly intended too, although I did not expect their champion to have any chance against him.

I waited. The High Nobility needed to find their champion. I could see some of them up in the stands. They were looking rather disturbed.

After a bit of waiting they seemed to come to a consensus. From one of the towards game their golden champion. Like the other High Nobility this one had its level concealed.

The golden armor, a shield plated gold, and a glaive that was extremely dangerous looking. I could tell just from initially examining them that they were extremely high quality.

As the champion walked toward use I could see Nikias look scared.

“Don’t worry.” I said, “You received my training and the benefit of my improved level up. There is no way that you could lose to him.”

“Easy for you to say. Lord Hardul is said to be undefeated.”

“Well, I guess he will have to change his title after this battle.”

“I can take over for you if you want dad.” Said Azar. She had been a bit disappointed that she wouldn’t be doing any of the fighting today. I think a little bit too much of Alice had worn off on her.

“But it has to be me.” He said. It was true. I wasn’t trying to make Azar queen, I was trying to make Nikias the King. He needed to show that he was strong. Otherwise he would never be supported since he came from outside the system.

“However, Azar, if there are any interruptions then I want to leave that to you. I want to avoid doing anything if I could.”

She nodded and said, “Got it.”

I judged the opponent as he stepped onto the platform with us. His weapons and armor were inferior to Nikias’ but I could see that he had other pieces of enchanted gear. Those would probably make his equipment overall stronger than Nikias. Enchantment as not within my ability to craft but my gear was top quality.

As for the man’s skill that was even harder to judge. My skills that judge skill levels were better against people once they had actually started fighting. However he exuded the skills of an experienced warrior. My rough guess was that he was level 35. If that was the case then Nikias would win handedly.

Still battled could sometimes be dangerous things. Rather than give Nikias unneeded hope it was better for him to understand that his opponent could be superior.

“You are the champion determined by the High Nobility?” I asked.

The man, Lord Hardul nodded.

I called out loudly, “I accept Lord Hardul as the champion of the High Nobility.” I held up a coin. “When this coin hits the ground then the battle will begin.

“Are you both prepared?” I ask the two of them. They both nodded. Then I threw the coin up into the air. As it began to rise I stepped backward toward Alice. Azar was also at the side where we would be watching.

The coin spun in the air and everybody in the square was watching it. Both of the combatants moving into battle poses, preparing.

Then with a clear ‘clink’ the coin hit the ground.

Nikias threw his sword at his opponent. This took everybody off guard. Who would throw their weapon. However the sword was not the weapon that Nikias was planning on using. Then he split the shield he was holding into two with one strapped to each arm.

The edge of the shield was sharpened but it was also hard and defensive. A deadly combination of offense and defense. It was a mix of Alice’s unarmed fighting style and my many weapon style. The style also allowed unarmed variations which meant that Nikias would never be at anybodies mercy.

The opponent’s shield blocked the sword flying toward him deflecting it and sending it flying away. I pointed toward it for Alice to ensure that it didn’t harm anybody in the crowd and she flash-stepped away to ensure that.

Hardul’s glaive swung it with a mighty blow. He was attacking recklessly relying on his massive shield to protect himself. The fact that he could even carry those two massive pieces of equipment proved how high level he actually was.

Nikias had trained extensively with Azar however and opponents with large weapons was not intimidating for him. He was able to block with one arm and begin to push in. While he could not do much damage at long range he had the defenses to force his way into opponent’s defenses and then once he had broken in he was extremely dangerous.

It was not going to be that easy however. Hardul threatened a large about of area with his glaive and the large shield could keep Nikias from getting too close. He could also quickly adjust his grip on the glaive to bring it closer to himself and even make attacks as close range. His still were truly excellent.

However I felt more at ease as the battle continued. My appraisal of his skills was a bit off, he was a little bit better than I had initially estimated but it was still within acceptable boundaries. Unless he had an impossibly effective trump card Hardul would eventually lose.

There was the second problem. “Azar, do you see them?” I asked to confirm.

“Yeah, people infiltrating the crowd. Maybe special forces of some kind. I expect they plan on assassinating my father if he somehow manages to win.”

“How many are you sensing?”

“Currently, 12.”

“You are missing a few. I’m sensing 15. Do you think that you will be able to protect me?” I asked. I didn’t want to interfere if I could avoid it but as long as Nikias won then I could potentially interrupt.

“I think I can handle it. They probably are using poisoned weapons but you ensured that our poison resistance is high so we should be fine.”

I nodded in approval while I turned my attention back to the battling pair. The end was approaching. Hardul was surcoming to Nikias’ greatest weapon, endurance. The dangerous shields required barely any effort to attack with and against large weapons like the glaive it could easily defend while at short range without using much fatigue. The end would arrive soon for the panting Hardul.

However I could tell there was one more important moment in the combat. Hardul knew he couldn’t win and was waiting for something, a single moment, probably to use an ultimate technique.

Then that moment came. The glaive was not restricted and Nikias had been force on the defensive for a moment. While a normal attack could not pierce Nikias’ defenses Hardul had on free moment to unleash the most powerful attack he had.

I could feel his energy gathering, it must be an attack with intense mana costs. The glaive began to glow as he poured all the energy that he possessed into it. I could see Nikias notice what was happening and pour his own mp into defensive boosts.

Unfortunately I noticed what Hardul was planning on during that Nikias’ actions would be pointless.

When in a blow that shattered my ego, Hardul brought his weapon down upon Nikias. In one giant blast the glaive exploded and with it the armor that I had so seriously crafted began to crack and then shatter. The shields had blocked the majority of the impact and those too broke under the impact.

Still Nikias was unharmed and he had been trained by Alice. With this opponent’s weapon gone he abandoned his broken shields and rushed Hardul. The man had put everything into that one attack and was completely exposed, his shield not in position at all. Then the blow ended it and Hardul collapsed as his own armor crumpled under the force of the impact.