Beasts Beyond The Wall - Part 23

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“I still have trouble believing that they exist.” Said Rika. “I saw what they did to the insects but I still find it a strange thought. I mean I haven’t even heard of a rumor of these Nothings before.”

I scrunched up my forehead thinking. “I wouldn’t say that exactly. I still go to a normal school most of the time. There are lots of rumors that circle those sorts of places. One type always seems to get attention though, the ones about regular people being able to compete with Hunters.”

I tried to drudge up my memories about these things. Previously I hadn’t really paid attention to those sorts of things but after I became a Hunter nobody spoke to me about rumors like that anymore.

“I can remember some of them. Secret government training regimes which could turn a normal person into a match for a Hunter. Secret armies that had been created to combat Hunters in case they went rogue. That kind of thing. I never put much stock into those rumors before but I plan on looking into it now. If these Nothings actually exist then it would be important to know what their real purpose is.”

I sat there in thought for a minute before Rika interrupted my thoughts. “We also need to talk about Morn.”

“Oh? What about her?” I said.

“Are you not going to talk me out of keeping her?” Said Rika.

“Is there any reason I should do that?”

“Well, I thought you would be more surprised that she is a Beast and that she might be dangerous to Districts.”

“Well, that certainly might be a problem for some.” I said looking over toward Morn. “Maybe I just think of myself as a good judge of character. I felt her presence and she didn’t feel like she would be a problem. If anything Yaju is far more of a threat to Districts then Morn.”

I looked back to Rika before continuing, “If there was a threat to District in this room it would be you.”

She gapped at me, “What me?”

I held up my hand before saying, “I should be noted before I continue that I personally do not think you are a threat to Districts. Since I have come back from Istan I had been doing research and helping Professor Stolas. In doing so I have meet a lot of Hunters but more importantly a lot of government officials. What I have learned is that our Wall is strong because when the worst comes both the government and the Hunters work together to protect the city.”

“So? What does that have to do with me?”

“Of all the threats to could be presented to the city you are the only one that can tear our prefect defense to the ground. How many Hunters would band to your side if you betrayed Districts? Even if they normally wouldn’t you could command them to and because of the trust you have built up in them they would obey.”

“Worse,” I looked over at Morn, “It seems that Beasts are willing to obey you too. Imagine if the Noble Beast at Istan had been able to convince some of the Hunters guarding the wall there to join him. What would have happened.”

“But I wouldn’t,” She stammered.

“I know. And Morn, you should better suppress your own killer intent. Anybody within a block would be able to sense that. The fact that you are willing to do this for Rika only solidified my point. Luckily,” I smiled, “I trust you Rika. I don’t believe you are a threat to Districts because you are a good person.”

She breathed out and looked down at the floor, “Do you really think I would be capable of that? Destroying Districts?”

I continued to smile, “Not really. You would do damage but there are lots of Hunters in Districts and you would only be able to convert a few of them.”

I decided to change the subject because I had already distressed Rika enough, “However you mentioned that if Morn was going to stay here you would need some sort of official documentation so that anyone looking into her records would be convinced that she was actually a Hunter.”

“Yes, I did say that. I thought that Professor Stolas would be a good option. He would probably be sympathetic and help me forge records for Morn.”

“He probably would but I wouldn’t recommend it.” I said.

“Why not?”

“Professor Stolas is a scientist and would probably desire to study Morn in return. Also he has some ties to the government. While I doubt he would deliberately betray you but if him or his records let something slip that would be bad.”

“Then what? Is there a better person to have fake the information.”

“Sure, I can do that.”

“You how? Wouldn’t you need access to special government computers to do that.”

“Yes, that is correct. You would need something like that wouldn’t you. Don’t worry. I’ll get her records in working order.”

“But how?” She asked.

I grinned, “We all have our little secrets now don’t we?”

“That is not very reassuring. However I suppose I’ll have to trust you to get the forgery done. How long to you think it will take.”

“I couple of day probably. I’ll need you to have a picture taken of Morn and have it sent to me. Once you do that I will be able to have the process finalized.” I said.

“We can do that now if you want.” Said Rika. “I think a have a camera around here somewhere. Wait where while I see if I can find it.”

Rika stood off and walked out into another room. Once she was gone I turned my attention to Morn who was still standing near the doorway she had come out from near the beginning of the conversation.

“Is something the matter? You seem like you have something to say.” I asked her.

“What are you after?”

“That is quiet the loaded question now isn’t it. You see I for the majority of my life so far I lived as a regular human. However I awoke to my Hunters blood by the desire to help another person. However there is not just one person I want to protect. Rika is one of them too. Who knows, even as a beast, you might become one of those too.”

“You are an idiot for trusting people this much.”

“Didn’t I say it. I am good at understanding people. I get a good feel for everyone I meet which makes it hard for me to hate anyone because I can understand most of them. I wouldn’t exactly call this trust.” I saw a flicker of something in her black eyes and I felt like I was beginning to understand her emotions.

“I think I am beginning to understand you too. When I spoke about how Rika could be a danger to this city you got upset. Could it be that you actually desire revenge against the human who destroyed your family.”

“I am not capable of such desire. I just desire to sure my Queen.”

I smiled, now I was able to clearly sense the emotions that she had been trying so hard to hide. “I suppose I don’t blame you. I would want to take revenge on whoever took my mother away as well. So I’ll help you find them. These Nothings that hide in this city. I will find them.”

I could feel her confusing, her battling with herself over whether she should trust me or not. However her thoughts were interrupted by Rika returning to the room. He held the camera in her hands. “I found it. I also found some glasses which should be able to conceal her eyes”

“Ah good. Let’s take the picture then.”

I had Morn pose in a normal picture and we took a couple to make sure at least one of them was good.

Rika said, “Just take the camera it will be easier and return it to me when you are done with it.”

“Alright. Well, I had better get going. If you want this done quickly I had better start the process sooner rather than later.” I said as I was about to leave the appartment.

“Wait Kirk, your research about improving weaker Hunters. How is it going?”

“Oh, that project. Fairly well all things considered. I found a subject who is showing my point quiet nicely. However that doesn’t prove that it is capable of working is all or even most cases. I’ve been compiling my methods for the second round of testing to see if those improve the results.” I said trying to explain everything is as simple a manner as possible.

“I see, that is good.” She paused for a moment and I felt like she wanted to say something to me however she was afraid to do so. I could feel the thorns in her emotions and knew that it might be dangerous to pry deeper.

Still I waited a moment to see if she wanted to say anything and when she decided not to I turned, “Well, if there is anything else feel free to contact me and I will help you if I can. I’m sure Yaju will too but she has been rather busy lately.”

I stepped through the door however Rika stepped through after me. She shut her front door behind her closing us off from Morn. “Kirk, I need to ask something of you.”


“If I become a threat to Districts I want you to stop me.”

“What caused this? Don’t take my commends about what you might be capable of seriously. I told you already that I don’t actually think you would be a major threat to Districts.” I said.

“But I worry about it. I used my ability again to get Morn past the wall. What if that story becomes reality some day. That is not the kind of person that I want to become.”

“Relax, you are careful to not abuse your power.” I said trying to reassure her.

“Kirk, I’ve realized something that might be devastating to our society and I’m afraid I will turn into something else. Something I don’t want to become. Yet every time I turn away from that future I find that I am not strong enough to protect everything I want to.”

She was serious, deadly serious, something dark was rising in her desires and emotions, “What do you mean?”

“I told you that Morn changed form in a cocoon. Us Hunters are similar to Beasts, what if we can change in the same way, to become something completely different. Will that make us more power, make us more like the Beast we fight, or will be become something else.”

“Tranformation? So you really think such a think is possible? If Hunters could permanently change their nature don’t you think we would already have learned how to do it.” I asked.

“How do you know other have not already learned this? If Hunters that changed this way become something completely different wouldn’t the government try to suppress this information to keep the citizens calmer?”

I reached out and gripped her shoulder tightly, “Rika, you do not need to worry. If that is what you want then I will stop you if you threaten Districts. However, if you lose yourself then I will make sure to find you. I will protect both you and Yaju to the best of my ability.”

Rika breathed a sigh of relief. “Thanks Kirk.” She turned and opened the door again. “I’ll speak with you later than. And thanks for listening to me.”

“You are welcome. Thanks for speaking to me about it.” Then Rika backup up and shut the door. I was left alone on the hallway outside the appartment. I moved back to the elevator thinking about Tranformations.