Ema, The World Gone Crazy - Tina Intermission

Submitted by Apophenia on Mon, 10/27/2014 - 17:21

Tina Intermission

Hi, I’m Tina! Wow, thinking back that was really exciting. Seeing that giant beetle, watching that boy fight, and then running away from Jamel. What comes next is almost as exciting too, but Ema said that I’m not allowed to talk about that yet. So instead I’m going to tell you a little bit more about me, Tina!

Ema wrote about what happened to her parents but you probably don’t know what happened to mine do you. Well I can really only tell you about my mom, dad divorced her soon after I was born and I have never met him so I don’t know what happened to him after the change. Maybe he turned into some kind of ugly monster like Jamel, wouldn’t that be funny. My mom on the other hand is a teacher, she teaches at the school that Ema and I go to although it is a different class then mine. However I go home with Ema, who lives a couple of houses down from us, instead of with her because she usually has to spend time at school after we get out doing teacher things like grading and stuff.

She is a nice mom and I love her a lot, though she does get on my case about my grades a lot. I guess it has to do with her being a teacher. It is also hard to argue with her because her stare petrifies you, literally. This is because after the change my mom became a Medusa. While she doesn’t actually turn people to stone I have let to see someone stare her in the eyes without freezing.

Ema likes using big words and calls our moms Mythmorphs, people who have taken on the aspects of, previously, mythical beings. I don’t really understand it all but my mom does. Mom really likes Ema because Ema always does so good in school. I on the other had only do as well in school as I do because my mom forces me to study.

Hmm, I see to have rambled on for a bit. I was supposed to be talking about me, not Ema or mom. Then let me tell you about some of the things l like. My favorite foods are fish and bird, though I think Ema already mentioned that. I also enjoy long naps but Ema says that is normal for cats. I like playing hide and go seek and tag but I have recently gotten into soccer. I like running around and like trying to keep the ball from the enemy team.

Well, I’ve run out of space. I hope you have enjoyed learning about me. Now you get to find out what happened next in me and Ema’s fantastic adventures. Have Fun!