Ema, The World Gone Crazy - Tina and Jamel Corner

Submitted by Apophenia on Mon, 10/27/2014 - 17:45

Tina and Jamel Corner

Hi, It’s me Tina again. How has everyone been doing since I last spoke with you. I hope you have all been doing well because I have. The story is getting interesting right? I can’t believe that I was beaten by that shadow girl so easily. I plan on training more by playing some sports so that next time she won’t be able to do that again. Next time it will be BANG WHACK with Tina as the winner, then I will be able to gloat at her. However this time is was Jamel who saved the day and brought peace to the world so lets get a word from her.

Hello Readers, This is the monster Jamel writing. As much as Tina might like the attention I think having my story read is sort of embarrassing. While I was able to save Ema from Etern this time it was largely due to Tina’s warning. Because of that I was able to find Ema and rescue her. I will say that however getting through Etern’s strange barrier was not all my doing. I believe that Ema was the one able to lead me into the barrier. When following Tina’s directions I starting hearing a ticking sound. I decided to follow it and it lead me down many empty streets before I finally found Ema bound on the ground next to Etern. The rest of what happened you should already know.

Yes, yes, yes Jamel, enough about that. We wouldn’t want to bore the readers with too much detail, I’m sure they want to get back to the main story soon, or at least hear more about me. However there is still one question that needs to be answering. After Ema had finished telling her story to Quell and Mink, Jamel got a chance to explain her side of the story. However, what the was is never explained. Jamel, how about you take some time now to explain your side of the story.

Um, alright. First I’ll say that I am fifteen, one year younger then everybody else. I was ten when the Great Change happened. Back then I didn’t really have control over my size or how much monstrosity I showed. I lived in a small town then with my dad an my brother. Many people changed but I was the least accepted, maybe I was just a scapegoat for everything that happened. I remember people who no longer looked human throwing rocks at me and calling me a monster.

My dad protected me and stood up for me but eventually it became to much. My dad decided to try and move to the new world as a way of protecting me. After he left our town he managed to gather a bunch of people who all no longer found the old world to be our home. Together we managed to find our way to the New World and begin a new life there.

For a while I was happy. With my dad and brother there I though I had found peace. The rest of the people in the town treated me with more kindness then those in the town we left. However as the years past I got increasing discontent. When I spoke with the townsfolk they were nice to me and the always tried to treat me like a human... That was the problem, they treated me as a human denying and pretending I wasn’t what I was. However every-time I looked into a mirror I could see my inhuman features and knew that none of us were human anymore.

It all got a lot worse when my dad died. The townsfolk offered to take care of me, they said that it didn’t matter what I looked like or who I was. But I wanted it to matter, I wanted them to care about me because of who I was, what I was. It was worse when my brother did the same behavior. I tried showing more of my monstrous self but they just told me that I should return to normal... normal, I am not normal so how I could return to it.

I finally cracked when my brother set off on a journey to find a ‘cure’ for my ‘problem’. It left like he had completely abandoned me. When I tried to get the village to accept me they too denied to real me... I guess I overreacted and forced them out of the village at that point. I felt that it would be better to be alone then to be with people who didn’t understand me or worse deliberately misunderstood me because they thoughts that was the right thing to do.

Lucky for me that all changed when I met Ema. She was scared when she first met me, but even that was refreshing. Someone who saw me as a monster, was afraid of me, and would admit that fear was something I hadn’t experienced in a long time. It made me feel... like I was real. I still never expected that Ema would later come to me and offer to be my friend and that the monstrous part of me was part of what she wanted to make friends with.

I suppose the rest you know already, Ema already told that story. I could tell you minor details but those aren’t really important. I hope you enjoyed reading my part of the story, or at least I hope it wasn’t too boring.

And Thank You Jamel. This is Tina again. I hope you have learned something today from our lovely and monstrous Jamel. Now you get to returned to your regularly scheduled broadcast... I mean story. Tune in next time for the next episode of “Tina and Jamel Corner”!