NULL SPACE - Part 10

Submitted by Apophenia on Tue, 10/28/2014 - 11:18

Null had been busy, she had locked herself in the storage room for the last couple of days, coming out only to eat. Jeran knew she was probably working on whatever it was that she needed to help his daughter but he was still worried. Sometimes he could hear strange sounds coming from the room and other times strange smells. Occasionally there was a small rumble across the ship, almost like one that would be caused by a small explosion. At those times he would rushed and knock on the door to make sure that Null was alright but each time she said, “I’m fine, don’t worry about it. That was supposed to happen.”

Jeran wasn’t certain how much of what she was doing as really safe but considering she was performing forbidden technology behind that door he didn’t think it was safe. To him however just that fact that she would be able to save his daughter with whatever she was doing was enough.

However as the days past and they got closer and closer to Quill, Jeran hoped that Null would be getting done soon. Jeran had left his daughter in the care of some people he trusted on Quill, away from any connection to Myth. However time was running out for Null to finish whatever it was she was doing because he didn’t know how long his daughter would last. According to the estimate that the doctor had given him before he had last left Quill his daughter would probably have a week left and Jeran desperately hoped that would be enough time.

However he fears were not realized. Around a day before they would have arrived at Quill, Null emerged from the room with her bandages removed. Jeran thought that she almost seemed to be glowing. “All right, I’m done.” Was all she said before turning and entering the kitchen.

Jeran followed her and began asking questions, “So you have finished with those nanomachines or whatever you called them? Does that mean that you will be able to save my daughter?”

Null noded as she grabbed some the remaining paste-less food. “Yes, but more then that it will also be easier to deal with ANGEL should they come after us again. I will however leave any of the Myth military who come after us to you because you probably don’t want them to die.” She took a few bits before continuing, “However now it is too late for you turn back. You have assisted me in creating a forbidden technology, ANGEL will now no longer be able to forgive you.”

Jeran joined her at the table and said, “I don’t care, I knew that was going to happen from the start because I knew that no legal technology would be able to save my daughter. If that wasn’t true then she would have already been saved.”

Null shook her head, “You might say that but… I really don’t think you understand what it is like to be pursued by ANGEL. They are relentless and heartless when they have to be. Even your daughter will be put in danger by them.”

Jeran looked Null in the eyes, “Even living a life hunted by ANGEL would be better then a life with my daughter dead. I’m sure we could go someplace beyond the reach of ANGEL and Myth. Maybe I could finally find some peace in my life.”

Null and Jeran ate in silence for a couple of minutes before Null asked, “I know why ANGEL would be following you but I don’t understand why Myth is. I know you were an important person in the military before you left but that doesn’t explain why they are chasing you so desperately. There must be some reason why they are doing that.”

Jeran looked up at the ceiling wanting to avoid the questions but after a minute returned to looking at Null. After all she had done for him she deserved an answer from him. He took a deep breath and then released it. “I’m a deserter and a high profile one. You might not know but Myth is poised on the brink of civil war. The two fractions are at each other’s throats. One of the fractions laid claim to me even though I didn’t want to fight against Myth. It was then that the doctors tell me that my daughter didn’t have long to live. I couldn’t quit the military to take care of her or even take leave so I… I ran away with my daughter.”

Null nodded slowly in understanding, “Sure that explains why they don’t like you and want you captured but why would they expend so much forces trying to capture a single deserter when they are on the brink of war, even if you are an important person.”

Jeran coughed lightly before saying, “I couldn’t see fellow Mythians fighting and killing each other so I… um…. Stole… the activation codes for all of Myth’s weapons of mass destruction.” Jeran seemed sort of embraced saying that.

Null’s eyebrows raised when she heard that, “I see, that would certainly explain why they would devote so much energy trying to stop you. But I never realized you were such an idealist. You were aware of how much trouble that would bring to your daughter and you when you did that didn’t you?”

Jeran nodded, “Yes, I knew that they wouldn’t like me for it and perhaps never forgive me for it but… I couldn’t stop the civil war and I felt so helpless. When I heard the news about my daughter that feeling got worse. I knew I couldn’t just leave Myth that close to war to run off into the galaxy to look for an impossible cure. So I stole the codes and fled, it was something I couldn’t have done if I had stayed on Myth but it accomplished to of my goals. I had leave to search for my daughter’s cure and it would probably save many lives. Even the people they devoted to looking for me couldn’t be used for killing people.”

“At least you knew what you were doing, even if you didn’t have a plan. It was stupid to do what you did… but brave.” Said Null, she seemed to be a little pleased about what he had done. “It seems I was right to help someone like you. You are far better then the people at ANGEL who only care about following the rules. They don’t care how many people get hurt as long as they follow their precious rules.”

“I used to think that the rules were the most important, orders are considered unbreakable in the military.” Said Jeran with a sigh. “That was a much easier life, not having to worry about whether what you were doing was right or wrong. Now everything is much more complicated. Using forbidden technology to save my daughter, stealing codes to save innocences at my own risk… now I am the one who needs to decide if those actions are right or wrong. Those sorts of decisions are difficult.”

“True,” Said Null with a nod, “But it is one of the things that makes life worth living. If you aren’t choosing your own path, deciding for yourself what you want and why then your life is just hollow.” She stood up and moved her plate from over to the sink. “We are getting close to Quill aren’t we? You should probably get anything you want ready. Our detour to Zen gave our pursuers extra time, they will almost certainly catch up to us soon. You should use the time you have now to prepare for what it coming.”

“Wait,” said Jeran as he stood up. “If things are going to get dangerous can you tell me what other things your nano-machines can do, it would be helpful if I know what they were capable of.”

“They allow me to reshape molecular structures, they are very efficient at close range and I doubt even ANGEL could stand up to them if I am close. However after a couple feet they can’t effect people so I need to get close to a target. At longer ranges I can just us them for reinforcement and repair so you no longer need to worry if I get shot. However larger weaponry can still be an issue for me because the damage will take me too long to repair from.” Said Null in explanation.

“Wow, it seems forbidden technology is worth it. I would be scared if I felt that you were the kind of person who would misuse your power, but I trust you and am glad to have you at my back.” Responded Jeran.

They walked to the cockpit and began finishing their preparations for landing. Earlier the next morning, by their time, they had gotten close enough to hail Quill and ask permission to land. Since the permission was granted quickly Jeran could only assume that Myth and ANGEL hadn’t gotten there yet but he assumed it would only be a matter of time.

Their ship passed through the atmosphere and landed without a hitch and Jeran fronted almost all of the rest of his money paying for the parking. He would have been thinking about he would be making money in the future if he hadn’t continued to be worried about his daughter. He might even of considered taking public transportation to the private hospital that he friend owned if his daughter’s life hadn’t been on the line. However as it was he continued using the very last of his money to pay for the taxi to bring them to the hospital.

Once there he rushed through the doors, not even stopping as he waved at the nurses at the front counter. Now that he was so close the evaluator seem too slow so he ran up the stairs to the third floor. He rushed toward the hospitol room and flung open the door only to feel the close metal of a gun barrel press into his chest and a voice say, “Hello Jeran, glad to see that your finally here.”