Welcome to Poseidon Resort - Part 23

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“Speaking of which, how is Hubert doing?”

“He is doing well. Struggling on doing research for his next book. Apparently this one is going to be about humanities’ first forays into the stars but beyond that he won’t tell me anything."

“That sounds interesting. Do you think you could send us a copy when he gets down writing it? We enjoyed the last book.”

“Sure, shipping it should be fine. If things aren’t too busy for me then maybe we can deliver it in person. Once Hurbet is getting close to being done with it I’ll send you a message about whether I can visit or not.”

“That would be nice. Esme, thanks… for everything.”

“Hey, what are friends for.”

Sarita and Esmeralda talked for a little bit longer but the long delay kept their communication rather formal. Eventually Esmeralda had to hang up and Sarita was back to her own thoughts.

Her conversation with Esme had helped relax her and she felt like her mind was clearer, that she could make a decision now.

Sarita left her room and walked toward the observation room. Each step was taken hesitantly one at a time and each step made her want to run away, almost. Eventually she arrive at the room and Clemens was there just like she had expected him to be.

He looked up as she approached. He didn’t say anything but his look was expectant.

Sarita took a deep breath and said, “Listen, I don’t know if I love you or if I can even get over my own issues to love you but… I’m willing to give this a chance if that is already with you.”

Clemens released a breath and then smiled, “That is fine. More than fine. If you want to take things slowly then I’ll help you take things slowly.”

“If I end up dumping you will you have to accept that too. I’m still very uncertain about this. I’ve never had a relationship like this before.”

“If it comes to that then it comes to that. However I would rather focus on the present. Would you like to go eat dinner with me?”

“I ummm…. now? I’m not certain if I am ready for that just yet…”

“It is just dinner. We have eaten dinner together before.”

“Yeah, but those times there were other people with us. This time it would just be the two of us.”

Clemens gave a kind smile, “Isn’t that kinda of the point this time?”

“Well… I suppose… yeah…”

“We don’t have to if you need more time to prepare.”

Sarita sighed, “No, I think I can do it. Just… lets leave things at just dinner for today alright?”


Chapter Six - Old Reunion

It had been a couple of months since Clemens had confessed to Sarita. Things had gone very slowly since then. After their first dinner Sarita had become so embarrassed that she ran away from the resort and hide in the ocean for a couple of days.

That wasn’t enough to make Clemens abandon her however and he patiently waited for her to return and eventually she did. Since then they had several other dates and Sarita eventually warmed up to the whole situation. She still wasn’t a hundred percent certain but she had found some peace in their current situation.

After a couple of months had passed they were both comfortable with having meals together although doing more things together still was touch and go with only a couple of minor events happening.

They were currently enjoying breakfast when over the speaker system came the voice. “One new guest is arriving at Poseidon Resort. Please remember to treat other guests kindly and continue to enjoy your stay with us.”

Clemens said, “A new guest. It has been a while. And they are coming here alone, that is pretty unusual isn’t it.”

Sarita nodded, “Yeah, I mean there was you but generally people come here in a group of some kind. Individual guests are rather rare.”

“Do you want to come and greet them with me?”

“Your doing that again…” Sarita contemplated before saying, “I suppose I can join you. It is only one persona after all. I think I can handle that.”

They had pretty much finished breakfast anyway so they left cleanup the to robots and headed out to the main entrance hall. It took a couple minutes to arrive at the entrance so they arrived there before the lift did.

When the doors to the lift opened they were both surprised about what was on the other side. In the shape of a human was a robot. It was very clearly a robot. It had a metallic body and face and hands which clearly had robotic joints. Stranger still it was wearing a gray robed with silver trimming.

It stepped through the lift doors and looked at both Sarita and Clemens. “greetings fellow guests. i did not expect to be greeted upon my arrival. i am pleased to make your acquaintance. i am known as raiment of fallen stars.”

Sarita just looked at the robot rather surprised like she was having trouble understanding and said, “The robot is talking normally.”

Clemens nudged her with his elbow before saying, “Don’t be rude.”

“it is fine. i am used to people being surprised when they meet me. my kind are rather rare. but i am surprised as well, to meet a rare breed down here was not what i was expecting.” The robot’s voice was a bit strange with certain emphases not being where you expected them to be.

“Oh, yes, I’m sorry.” Said Sarita doing a little bow, “I have heard stories about the Wise Ones before but I never thought I would ever meet one. My name is Sarita, it is a pleasure to meet you.” She wasn’t acting quite as pervious as she normally did when meeting new people, maybe the strangeness of Raiment of Fallen Star made is easier for her.

“And I am Clemens. Please come in, we aren’t attempting to block you.”

“thank you.” And as Clemens moved to one side Raiment moved by and they all began to walking farther into the main lobby.

Wise One was the term politely used to refer to sentient robots. Across all the planets they were exceedingly rare. Making them was exceptionally difficult and legally equivalent to having a child so their construction was very rare. Most of the ones that existed were left overs from old empires which did not have the same laws. Their long lives and memories was why they had eventually become called Wise Ones.

“Why have you come down here?” Asked Clemens. “Is it to have a vacation?” He didn’t know the normal activities of Wise Ones but they would probably want to take vacations like anybody else, or at least he thought that might be the case.

“no, i have come to visit an old friend.”

Clemens and Sarita looked between each other with even more surprise. Sarita said, “Are you sure you are at the right place? As far as I know there were no other residents or other Wise Ones here. Unless there is something else that you know that we do not.”

“ahhh, forgive me for confusing you. a human would say that i am visiting the grave of an old friend. a wise one that died here.” Said Raiment and his voice dropped down in volume while he spoke like he was trying to express sadness but his voice and features had trouble expressing it.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to be rude again.” Said Sarita backing away.

“no think nothing of it. it would have made them happy to have people down here. on my previous visits here there was no other people here.”

“I’ve been living here for a while but I have never seen you visit before. Was it a long time ago.”

“it has been a decade since i was last here. did you move in after that?”

Sarita nodded, “That was a long time ago. I wasn’t living here that long ago.”

“i suppose for a human it is a long time ago.” Raiment paused. It looked the same as previously but there must be thoughts going on behind the blank face, “since you live here do you wish to pay respects too? after poseidon was the one who created this location.”

Sarita looked even more surprised, “A Wise One created the resort? I didn’t know, I hadn’t been able to find any actual documentation about the creation of the resort.”

“it was a very long time ago. please, continue to follow me. i can tell you more along the way. very few know the story of poseidon and i would like to share it if you do not mind.”

“No, please, I would love to know.” Said Sarita. “I love this place and would like to know anything you could tell me about its creation. I have been writing a book recording all the sealife that lives down here and knowing about the creation of the place would be amazing.”

The walked down the hallways of Poseidon Resort as Raiment spoke. Sarita and Raiment were up front with Clemens following shortly behind.

“poseidon was created as a war machine. a battleship capable of traveling through both space and ocean. a battleship capable of commanding itself. the side poseidon was fighting on lost and poseidon was given freedom. however there was one problem. as a battleship they required resources to keep power, something that was difficult to justify to keep just one person alive.”

“Were they not able to give Poseidon a body which was more reasonable? A body like yours maybe?”

“it was impossible. the part of use which function as our brain are extremely sensitive. once we had finished forming our consciousness transplanting the mind into a completely different body is not that different from killing us. the memories might survive but the personality can completely change. many of us would rather die than have that happen.

“poseidon had decided to make that choice too. they could not continue to exist in their current state forever so they need to chose either to change or to die. however poseidon wanted to leave something behind, a legacy so that they might never be forgotten.”

“So they made this resort?” Asked Clemens.

“exactly. as a battleship poseidon had grown to love the deep sea and wanted to share that love with humans. they made this place, setup the pillars to guard it, and transported sea life from across the galaxy to it.”

Raiment had lead them down farther into the depths of the resort. The service side of the place where Clemens had rarely ever been. Eventually Raiment came before a door.

“This is the main control station for the resort.” Said Sarita, “There door is locked and I have never been inside.”

Raiment raise its hand and then the door slide open. “come inside. see what poseidon left behind.”

The three of them stepped inside. There were computer banks across the room. There were blinking lights and tubes full of red liquid. The computers inside looks far more complicated then anything that Clemens or Sarita had ever seen before.

Sarita gasped, “Is this a Wise One?”

Raiment shook his head, “no, at least not yet. poseidon made this place, a child, something to leave behind. however it is not so easy to create a wise one. this place has everything one would need to create one but nothing. many many years have past and still this place is nothing more than a control room for the resort.”

“Oh… does that mean that Poseidon failed to make a descendant?”

Raiment shook its head, “no, maybe not. the spark that turns as robot into a wise one is rare but for a place like this the only thing needed should be time. time and people.”

“People are needed? Is that why it hasn’t become a Wise One?”

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