Welcome to Poseidon Resort - Part 25

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Clemens raised his hands in surrender and managed to avoid any more teasing during breakfast which Sarita was thankful for. Once breakfast was over they returned to find Raiment in the library. Raiment had found the book that Hubert had written and was looking through it.

Clemens and Sarita had left the book in the library after they had finished reading it but this was the first time anybody else had read it.

As they got close, Raiment looked up and said, “ah, welcome back. you spoke about the author of this book while we spoke earlier so i thought i would check it out. i am not normally interested in fictional stories but sometimes it is good to make exceptions, otherwise one would never know that it beyond your expectations.”

“Does that mean you like it?” asked Clemens.

“the author took several liberties with the historical accuracy but i can tell he tried to make it historical while at the same time making it accessible. although that didn’t really answer your question. i think it is well written and i will try to finish it before i leave.”

“Was there anything else you were planning on doing here?”

“i do not have any plans that will require me to leave soon so i was thinking of staying another day. watching the water is an excellent way to calm oneselves. i can continue to share some of my stories if you desire it?”

“Yes, that would be great.” Said Clemens.

Raiment set down the book before said, “however before i tell some more of my stories i wanted to ask about your watch clemens. it seems to be a mechanical watch, something that is very unusual. where may i ask did you get it?”

“Oh, this.” He held up his arm showing the watch to both Raiment and Sarita. “This was made by my mother. She alway loved mechanical devices and said that there was truth in gears. This was the last gift that she had given me before she disappeared.”

Sarita asked, “Disappeared? Did something happen to her?”

“No idea… my mother is a bit eccentric. Once I grew up and moved out she just up and disappeared. It wasn’t until three years later that I saw her again. She just stopped by, said hello, gave me this watch, and was gone again. I haven’t seen her since. I like to imagine that she is fine out there somewhere, maybe working on some giant clock.”

He continued, “We were never really similar people, although my dad says otherwise, but when we were together I think we were like family. But she, doesn’t really worry about other people, lets them just do whatever they want, not too different then how she acts. She really is a free spirit.”

“see sounds like a strange human. are you sad that you have not gotten to see her recently?”

“Maybe a little but I figure she must be off doing whatever she wanted to do. I think she was the person who eventually caused me to leave my previous job. She never really had time for things she didn’t care about so I figured I should try to be more like her and go do what I was interested in. Although in my case I still send messages back to my dad so he doesn’t worry that all of his family members had disappeared.”

Sarita had grabbed Clemens hand and was examining the watch in detail. “So this uses gears to determine where the hands are? How does that work?”

“I can try to give a basic explanation but it isn’t really area of expertise. It has something to do with how big and small gears interact and there is a wound up spring in it. I need to make sure it stays wound using this nob here every few days otherwise the time becomes wrong. I also need to adjust the time every time I go to a new planet since the length of the days and when they start can be different.”

“It is cool. Maybe I can get one too.”

“Unfortunately I need to take it off before going into the ocean. It can resist something normal like a shower but in the ocean there are too many minor particles in the water which get into the watch and mess it up once the water dries. If that happens you would need to get a specialist to fix it and unfortunately the only specialist I know is my mother and she is still missing.”

“Oh, that is a pity, I didn’t realize it could be damaged by just getting in the water. Most things can survive immersion just fine.” She said disappointed.

“That is because she assembled it herself. There are mechanical techniques which can give them better water resistance but because of the nature of the construction there are flaws.”

“remembering your parents is important. many people carry around momentos which remind them of the past. i myself do such a think as well. i wear this robes as a constant reminder of my goals in life.”

Sarita turned her head and said, “Yeah, I noticed them when you first arrive but I felt strange about asking about them. Why do you wear such an odd choice of clothing?”

“when i was first created my purpose was an expendable messenger. i was not awakened then but i was designed to be able to go places other humans could go and deliver messages. and if the messager was killed then at least no human was harmed. at least that was the initial reason.”

“eventually my varied experiences as a messenger and one near death experience caused me to awaken. i did not want to risk my own death so i abandoned my creators and struck out on my own. but ones forged purpose is not so easily abandoned. i still felt the need to deliver messages to people.”

“according to sources i found there was once a group of people, from an old religion, that wondered far and wide bringing information to others in need. i decided that i should be like them, bringing ideas and knowledge to help people that need it. it has been a long time since then but that goal is still my own and i willingly continue it to this day. this robes remind me of what i have become. although i do find it somewhat embarrassing that some people people have heard of this story and took up the same appearance and goal as i have.”

“Wow” said Clemens, “that is quite the past. If this was that long ago it must have been difficult to escape from those that created you. I hear that in the past Wise Ones didn’t have the same rights that they have now. Were you persecuted?”

“indeed, although even back then there were places where we could go to be free and i was able to escape to one of those locations. there is more to the story but it is long and most parts of it all dull. however along the way i was able to meet poseidon after one of the great wars. we traveled together for some time before this place was finally found and poseidon made their decision.”

“You must have had a very eventful life. All kinds of dangers and adventure.” Said Sarita.

“in some ways yes, but when you live as long as i have then it is only natural. however i do believe that peace is best. i believe that the current state of the galaxy is better than it has ever been and i would suggest that you cherish these times while you have them.”

“We have some time if you want to tell so more stories about how you met Poseidon and traveled with them? What way if the resort wakes up we can share those stories with them.”

“i suppose that is a good idea. well, to begin with…” Raiment began to tell the story about a time long long ago

Eventually the day had passed and it was finally time for Raiment to leave the resort. They gathered once more in the entrance hall. “It seems I keep bidding new friends goodbye here again and again. Try to come back again to visit, hopefully sometime before the two of us die.”

“my route around the galaxy is quite long. if remain here for a decade or so i will probably return and we will talk again.”

“You know for humans a decade is a long time.” Said Sarita, “Although I will probably still be there then so come and visit whenever you want.”

“If the resort wakes up is there a way we can contact you and tell you that it has happened?”

“ah, an excellent idea. while it might be difficult to contact me directly let me provide you with some contact information of an associate who could get in contact with me if needed. while i can not promise i will be here soon after you contact me i will try to arrive as quickly as possible.” Raiment went over to one of the tables and wrote something on a piece of paper to hand by to Clemens.

“I wish you well on your journey,” said Sarita.

“And we will try to keep this place as loud and noisy as possible so that the resort wakes up as soon as possible.” Sarita elbowed Clemens, “Although maybe not too loud. I was thinking of trying to advertise this place some more so people come visit more often. Isaac, one of the murder mastery crew worked as an advertiser so I was thinking of contacting him.”

“if that is what you want that would also make me happy. may the two of you continue to find happiness.” Raiment did a mechanical impersonation of a bow. Then he stepped into the lift and said, “goodbye friends.” Then the doors shut and the Wise Robot was whisked away to the surface.

Clemens watched the lift go away and said, “You know. It might be possible that the reason they are called Wise Ones is because of him. If he was around back when this resort was made then…”

“Yeah, he qualifies as extremely old. You might be right. How about the next time we see him let’s ask him.”

“Does that mean you expect me to still be around here ten years from now.”

She turned away before saying, “Maybe, we will still have to see.” However her own words were light and teasing.

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