Mü, Part 25

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Emiray climbed the hallway as she continued to make her way toward the Reactor Room. The path was taking longer then it should have. As she kept getting closer things began to get weirder. Up and down seemed to be confused which was which. Corridors seemed to stretch on endlessly and connect to rooms in other parts of the reactor. Emiray still knew that she was getting closer however. Even Emiray was capable of detecting the oppressive atmosphere that was caused by the Euclidian Key, like the pressure was too high.

Mü, Part 24

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“Why am I always better then you? I’m not.” Said Rose as they stood on the ceiling. The floor seemed to be peeling upward like it was the top of a can getting ripped away. “Even if my block has broken you are still a stronger Esper then I will probably ever be because that is not who I am now. You even beat me once before. If this was just a battle of Espers then you would eventually win. I can’t keep up my passthrough long enough. But, that doesn’t mean you are going to win. Do you know why?”

Mü, Part 23

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The Phantom Thief stood in the hallway. The black clothes stood motionless. She was waiting, waiting for that man to arrive. She had made all her preparations. She didn’t know if it was going to do any good however, against the opponent she suspected she would be fighting preparations were useless. Then Svenn walked into view around the corner.

Rose took a deep break and said, “Now that I see you in the flesh I am certain. Your appearance and name are different but you are still the same person aren’t you. It has been a long time.”

Mü, Part 22

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Lynn shifted the security officer sideways to avoid the attack and then proceeded to shift the officer all the way outside the building. Normally she would have dealt with them in an easier and faster method such as shifting them slightly into the floor so that they would be stuck there until somebody dug them out. However this time she couldn’t risk that. If they were left there and something went wrong then the officers might die without being able to escape.

Mü, Part 21

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“Hello Enforcer Wade. I see that vixen has tricked you.” Svenn stood outside the reactor room. He was calm and looked like he had been waiting for Wade to arrive.

Wade stood there outside the room staring at Svenn. “Somebody has been tricking me. That I am certain of, it has yet to be seen who it is that is tricking me. Now step aside. I need to see Professor Gray. It had come to my attention that the reactor is reaching critical power. Even to stop a level 8 that is still too much.”

Mü, Part 20

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Enforcer Wade frowned as he entered the main security center for the Ark Tunnel Reactor. The room was dark except for the computer screens which cast strange shadows all around the room. The room shouldn’t have been empty. Even if the guard was stronger elsewhere there should still be people in this room. It was where all the security camera footage was and it contained the entire alarm system. If there was a security breach in the reactor then this room would be the first place that would know about it.

Mü, Part 19

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“Is this really going to work?” Asked Emiray. She felt that she was looking kind of silly in the black and blue uniform that the student council wore. The entire uniform made her uncomfortable, plus the silly armband which showed her supposed low rank in the student council made it all worse. What if somebody realized that she wasn’t an Esper, that could ruin everything.

Mü, Part 18

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Inspector Grim had just been informed about the capture of Phantom Thief Rose. Now he was being escorted through the complex to see the prisoner. He found it hard to believe that they had captured Phantom Thief Rose with only a handful of men and a boy but it seemed to have happened. Still, if the boy had been an Esper on the Student Council like the officer had said then it might have been possible.