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Umwandeln Herz: Umbra

What I am learning from my current campaign (part II)

I wasn't planning a second part to this, but I had another session of Umwandeln Herz: Umbra and after reflecting on the session I had a few things I wanted to say about it.

Let the players roll for it

There was a point in the story where the players were trying to get past a man with a gun and a bunch of people controlled by a vampire. The man was on orders from the vampire to only let one of them through and refused to let the rest of the players through.

What I am learning from my current campaign

As I play my current campaign I continue to notice problems with how I am GMing. One of them I already mentioned. However there are plenty of others. I am noting them down in hopes that will help prevent me from doing them again.

I'll add more reasons as I think of them.

City in the Dark Campaign

When I went to Neoncon I got to play a game of Swashbucklers of the 7 Skies. I really enjoyed it and decided to get a copy of the book because of that. I am really liking the PDQ# system and I think that it and FATE are two of my favorite systems.

Now I am going to start running a new campaign using an adaption of PDQ#. Earlier I posted my City in the Darkness setting idea and now I am going to run a campaign using that setting and PDQ#.

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