Mü, Part 21

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“Hello Enforcer Wade. I see that vixen has tricked you.” Svenn stood outside the reactor room. He was calm and looked like he had been waiting for Wade to arrive.

Wade stood there outside the room staring at Svenn. “Somebody has been tricking me. That I am certain of, it has yet to be seen who it is that is tricking me. Now step aside. I need to see Professor Gray. It had come to my attention that the reactor is reaching critical power. Even to stop a level 8 that is still too much.”

Svenn stood there not moving, “I’m afraid that I can’t do that. Nobody is allowed to enter until the experiment is over. Leave and I will inform Professor Gray that you wished to speak with him at his earliest convenience.”

“That isn’t good enough. I need to speak with him now. Under the authority given to me by the University Student Council I demand that you step aside and let me see Professor Gray.” Said Enforcer Wade with the menacing tone.

“You just had to press the issue didn’t you. Then let me tell you plainly. I am not letting you through this door no matter who’s authority you act with. The only way you are going through it past my dead body. I hope that is plain enough for you.” Svenn spoke almost casually, like he didn’t even consider Enforcer Wade to be a threat.

Wade growled, “Well if that is the way it is.” He hands glowed with intense heat and a ball of fire formed between his hands. He threw the ball at Svenn, missing him by a hair. The wall behind Svenn blacked and the top layer began to dribble down to the floor. Svenn however had not moved even an inch. He had just stood there and watched the ball of fire miss him by a hair.

Svenn then began to step closer, “If that all that you have. That pitiful fireball isn’t enough to stop me. I expected more from an Enforcer. I hope you managed to bring out something more interesting so that I will be able to enjoy myself. Svenn was smiling as he continued to step closer and closer.

Walls of fire began to push up around them, surrounding them with burning heat. Svenn didn’t even seem to notice. Wade formed another ball of fire and threw this one directly toward Svenn. Svenn however stepped slightly to the side and avoided the ball with almost no effort. Step by step Svenn grew closer and closer to Wade. As they got closer Wade began to get scared. He continued to throw balls of fire but Svenn kept avoiding them by barely moving.

Wade didn’t know what to do, nobody stood in the rain of fire like that and cleanly avoided all of his attacks. This man just kept stepping closer and there was nothing Wade could do to stop him. The man wasn’t even using his Esper powers.

Then Svenn was within the last step of Wade. Svenn reached out his hand to grab him when Wade suddenly decided that he had had enough. Fire erupted around him spreading out in all directions. No matter how he tried Svenn couldn’t avoid a sheet of fire spreading outward. Everything turned into an inferno for seconds.

Then a voice came from the wall of fire in front of Wade, “This is a little better I suppose.” The wall of fire began to flicker and then out of it shot large columns of ice. When they made contact with the fire they produced huge clouds of steam which began to freeze again when a gust of icey cold wind swept out from Svenn. The fires were swiftly extinguished and Wade stared in shock.

“Your an ice esper?” He said in surprise, “There are many things I expected were possible but an Ice Esper was never one of them.” Then Wade suddenly began to grin, “However not expecting it isn’t going to protect you. Your powers are level 5 which isn’t going to be able to stop me when I get serious. I hope you are going to enjoy this like you said.”
The temperature suddenly began to spike again. Water and Ice flash melted and then even the water vapor seemed to burn away. The air suddenly began to feel dry and hot. However in the steam Svenn had managed to vanish from his sight. He turned around looking for him when suddenly he felt a hand grab onto his shoulder.

“I never said I was an Ice Esper now did I?” Came the dry, uninterested voice of Svenn. Then Wade felt and heard the buzzing. Suddenly his entire body went into shock. It felt like he had been hit by a bolt of lightning. Then the feeling went on for what felt like hours. Wade collapsed onto the ground as soon as Svenn let go of him.

He laid on the ground his limbs not answering him and the fire kept escaping his grasp. “What? An electrical esper? Then how did you do the ice?” Enforcer Wade was feeling afraid something that hadn’t happened to him an ages, he was afraid that he was going to be killed. However even that feel didn’t mask his surprise, how had this person done what had just happened.

“Electric? Wrong again Wade. Too bad I can’t give you another chance to guess but it is time for you to go to sleep. If you are lucky then you might even eventually wake up, but don’t count on it. This entire facility is unlikely to exist in an hour. So rest until then.” Svenn then pulled back his boot and kicked Wade in the head. There was another feeling like a lightning bold hit him and then Wade was unconscious.

Svenn stood over Wade with a feeling of satisfaction. One problem down, three to go. Svenn turned and began walking down the hallway. He didn’t want to leave Gray practically unguarded but the other threats needed to be dealt with before anything else happened. He should have done it earlier but now he would deal correctly with the invaders. Gray could deal this any problems by himself, after all the Reactor was mostly charged and Gray could activate the Euclidian Key as protection.

“I understand, as soon as we make contact with Enforcer Wade we will make sure to immediately leave.” Said Lynn with a nod to the Security Officer. She had been worried when the officer had approached them a few minutes after the first explosion. She had been afraid that they would be discovered but she managed to relax after she realized that wasn’t the case. It seemed that something was happening in the facility.

“Are you certain that is what is happening? That the Phantom Thief Rose managed to escape and place explosives all over the building?” Emiray tried to control her emotion as she spoke. It was good to hear that Rose had managed to escape captivity but it was surprising to know that she had managed to get here by being taken captive.

“As certain as I can be. I was told directly by Inspector Grim what happened. The security is now under orders to make sure that everyone evacuates before the building comes crashing down. I need to make sure everybody knows. Now remember to get out of the building as soon as you report it Enforcer Wade. I don’t know if he knows the situation so make sure you tell him when you see him.

The two of them nodded in agreement as the security officer began to head off in the opposite direction. After the guard was out of earshot Emiray said, “Do you supose that Rose got captured deliberately so that she could be brought her by a different method.”

“That is very likely. However I still don’t get why she did it. She could have just as easily came with us and the split up after we arrived here. Do you suppose that she is destroying the building to cause this evacuation. It is certainly convenient for us, any suspicion that would be thrown on us is discarded because of the panic.”

“We had better get to the Reactor Room and make sure the Euclidian Key is disabled. Even though the theft isn’t supposed to happen yet I would suggest that we hurry. Gray certainly isn’t just going to wait around while all of this is happening. He will probably activate the Euclidian Key as soon as the power peaks and he might not even wait that long. Who knows how long we even have at this point.”

“Yes, we had better hurry. Now that we are close I think it is about time to disrupt this temporal web. WIth the confusion that is going on nobody will be in any state to be informed that it has fail.” Lynn closed her eyes to aid in concentration. She stretched backward through the temporal tunnels that spread throughout the facility. Then with a single flow pushed backward through all of the tunnels. She could feel them snapping all around her, breaking like thin threads. The everything suddenly felt very silent. The web was gone and now she felt like she could really stretch her muscles.

“Come on Emiray, we have work to do. Let’s go pay Professor Gray a visit and really make his day miserable. Once we had dealt with him I will be expecting you to find a way to shut down the power plant. I would rather not have to destroy the entire thing because I would have no other option if you weren’t here.”

“No problem, the Ark Tunnel Reactor has many similarities with other Reactors. I will be able to find a way to shut it down.”

Across the reactor Svenn felt the spacial network break apart. Lynn must finally be making her move. That should be fine, the web had done a good job of delaying Lynn and now the reactor had plenty of time to charge and the Euclidian Key should be activated at any moment now. However there was one last thing he wanted to deal with before that happened. A certain Phantom Thief was still an annoyance and he wanted to deal with her personally. Many of the things that went wrong today were her fault.

The security was in shatters because of her bomb threat and Inspector Grim making everybody leave the building. His battle with Enforcer Wade had also been her fault, he had wanted to lead him around and help work against Rose and her friends but she had managed to corrupt Wade away from the greater good.

Now it was personal and Svenn wasn’t going to let Rose get away. He was free from managing the temporal web so he could divert his attention toward finding her. Her presence was easy to location but when he actually sensed her, he was surprised. This should have been the first time he sensed Phantom Thief Rose but he recognized the feeling. Ahah, so that was the identity of the Phantom Thief Rose. That explained many of her strange tricks.

Svenn smiled to himself and he walked through the hallways leading to the room that Rose seemed to be waiting it. He wanted to know if Rose already knew who he was, had she been opposing him without knowing? It seemed unlike that Rose would have gone out of her way to avoid him unless that was true.

It would be an interesting reunion, the two of them finally seeing each other after a long while. It would be an interesting encounter and the evening promised to end with a space shattering bang. He could feel the shivers. He could talk to Gray all he wanted about how only knowledge matters but even he knew that when everything came down to it nobody truly believed that. Even he had something that took priority now.