Mü, Part 22

Submitted by Nel on Thu, 10/20/2011 - 16:41

Lynn shifted the security officer sideways to avoid the attack and then proceeded to shift the officer all the way outside the building. Normally she would have dealt with them in an easier and faster method such as shifting them slightly into the floor so that they would be stuck there until somebody dug them out. However this time she couldn’t risk that. If they were left there and something went wrong then the officers might die without being able to escape.

While Lynn was dealing with the first officer Emiray kicked the legs out from the other one. While that officer fell Lynn was able to finish the teleportation and moved the other officer outside of the building next to the first one. Then to make sure that any other officer’s wouldn’t be able to follow them, Lynn moved a section of the wall into place blocking the hallway.

These had been the first officers which hadn’t been convinced by their story that they were members of the Student Council. They had tried talking their way out of it but things had gone wrong that the two of them had forced to deal with them. They were getting closer to the Reactor room so it made sense that the security was tighter here.

They rounded the corner and ran down a hallway before the found Enforcer Wade lying on the ground. “This, this is Enforcer Wade. What is he doing here and what is he doing unconscious?” The both examined Wade for a minute. Her initial impression was correct, it seemed that Wade was unconscious and not dead. His chest was still rising and falling.

“Well, we can figure out what happened to him later. We should just be glad we didn’t have to deal with him.” Said Emiray as she put her hand on his shoulder and lifted him slightly up so she could prop him against the wall. “Do you think you can bring him outside of the complex too. We shouldn’t just leave him here, who knows what might happen.”

Lynn nodded and was about to move him when his eyes flickered open and he looked at the two of them, “Ah, Lynn and you must be Emiray. I see you made it.” He rolled his head a little bit but it seemed like he was unable to properly move his body. “Your under arrest.” He chuckled a little bit to himself, “I don’t quite know what you are doing but it is still breaking the law, however something is strange with Svenn and Gray. I tried to stop them but I failed. I’m going to invoke my right as a Student Council member. Lynn your punishment for attempting to steal the Euclidian Key is community service. I expect you to protect this facility from getting destroyed by the Euclidian Key. Do that and I will consider your crimes forgiven. Understand.”

Lynn smiled and nodded, “Sure, that sounds like an acceptable punishment.” She knew this was sometimes how the University District operated. You weren’t allowed to break the rules even if it was because it was the right thing to do but when that happened the punishment that followed was usually not a punishment at all. It was probably the closest thing she would get to an apology. “Now relax again. I’m going to move you outside the building.”

Wade just nodded and then he was gone. Lynn stood and looked down the hallway. The room at the end was where the reactor and the Euclidian Key. They were almost there, just a bit more and they would be able to recover the Euclidian Key.

However Lynn wasn’t given that chance. The entire facility shook and the she felt it, “No, no yet. It can’t happen yet.” Shouted Lynn as she vanished. Lynn reappeared only a few feet from where she had been standing. She then flickered again, this time appearing a little bit behind where she had been. “No!” Then Lynn began to run down the hall.

Emiray didn’t get a chance to ask Lynn what had happened, although she had a sinking feeling that she knew what had happened. Suddenly the earth tilted upward. The walls creaked and broke in front of them as everything began to tilt. Lynn grabbed onto Emiray and then the two of them shifted. “What? Again?” Growled Lynn as they appeared only a few feet from where they had been. The hallway continued to shift and they began to fall. They shifted again and this time it seemed to work. Lynn had moved them to the edge of the hallway, just before the shift was happening.

“That fool has activated it. We are too late. That fool device is messing up all of local space. I’m having trouble compensating for all the changes.” Lynn looked frustrated.

“Will you be able to stop it?” Asked Emiray. The walls seemed to be bulging around them, yet the amount of space that was in the hallway didn’t seem to decrease. Emiray was feeling a bit disoriented by that.

“Stop it? I don’t know. Temporarily at least. Managing a spacial distortion on this scale is something that nobody is trained for. Hopefully I’ll be able to compensate for the difference and get my teleportation working again. When I can begin repairing the tears that are beginning to form. However all that will do is buy some time. I will need to get to the reactor and move in into space while keeping everything in tact.”

“No.” Said Emiray, “You deal with keeping everything together. I will get to the reactor room and shut down the reactor. That way you can keep your entire attention on preventing space from distorting too much. Once I get to the reactor room all I will need is a few minutes to shut down the reactor.”

“But…” Said Lynn, she couldn’t leave the job of stoping the reactor to this girl. It was Lynn’s responsibility and she needed to stop it herself. Had she never working with Professor Harold then the Key would have never been created and this never would have happened. It was all her fault and she couldn’t let someone else do this part for her.

“No buts, I’ll deal with it. We both have a better chance of success if we each do a different job. If you tried to do it by yourself then you lower the chance of success. We can’t risk that, we are running out of time and we need to get this done.” Emiray then turned around and began heading down the slanted corridor which was not dangerously unsteady.

Lynn wanted to object, to tell Emiray that she would do it all herself. However Emiray was right. Together they stood a better chance of success. It would be easier for Lynn to hold back the Key’s power if she didn’t need to concentrate on destroying the reactor. She looked one last time at Emiray and then shifted somewhere else.

The spacial tunnels were more difficult now then they had been in ages. It was also difficult to judge distance, she had meant to end up one floor higher where most of the disturbance was beginning to localize. However she overshot and ended up on the room. This place would have to work then. She reached out around her feeling the local space. It was more confusing then usual. Then Lynn began to make stuff up. She opened the tunnels all around her, feeling through the entire facility so that she could tell all the problems that were happening.

Most of the facility was still fine, however the bludge that was building near the reactor was beginning to spread. She would need to deal with that before Emiray could get there safely. She reached out to that location and held. That was the best that should be explain it. All around her she worked to keep space steady, it was a more difficult task then she had thought it would be.

She tried to mentally find a simililie to compare what she was doing to. It was like trying to keep a boat steady by grabbing onto the waves. With that idea she latched upon some possible solutions. Mü was floating in the ocean like a giant boat but it had ways of keeping from floating away. There were long pylons which were stuck in the ocean floor and then connected to Mü. She reached out to the stable space around them can connected it to her to help generate stability. She didn’t know exactly how she connected to it, it was similar to a tunnel but more stable, less like a pipe and more like a bar of steel.

Then she continued to hold to keep the entire place from crumbling and falling about. Everything was being torn about, broken down. She hadn’t know that was something that the Euclidian Key was capable off, a kind of unmaking where space was torn apart. She couldn’t help but realize that she would be capable of doing the same sort of think. She shivered to think that such an act of destruction was possible for her.

She could feel sweat breaking out on her forehead. It was difficult to maintain this many spacial tunnels that were bearing this much load. The weight of everything was overwhelming. She felt like Altus, carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders. It was like she was slowly being ground to dust by the universe. However still she held on, this was her responsibility and she would hold on until Emiray managed to shut down the Reactor. The only other thing that Lynn could do now was hope that Emiray managed to shut down the reactor quickly, otherwise Lynn might break from the strain.