Mü, Part 6

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I also finished the first half of part seven. That and part eight should be up late tonight or tomorrow

“No,” Said Emiray who couldn’t see Gray’s growing frown. “I’ll need to give the report to them myself. I’ve come all this way after all and the head engineer would be upset if I passed my duty off to somebody else. I can’t let something little like this stop me or I would be a disgrace to the engineers.”

Mü, Part 5

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Since I'm behind several days I'm posting by parts now. Part Five should have been done on the 5th but didn't get done then.

Part Five

There was one long moment where time seemed to stretch for Emiray as she strained every sense that she had. Gray was opening his mouth as if to ask a question to her but she blocked it out keeping everything tuned for that one instant. Gray’s hand set down on her shoulder for only a moment before she twirled and ducked, knocking Gray’s legs out from under him.

Mü, Part 4

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Emiray looked over at Professor Gray and then back at Omar. “I suppose we should get going soon. Keep up the good work Omar.” Omar beamed at the praise and gave her what might have been a salute before motioning to his robot and head off in another direction.

“Professor Gray, do you want to rest a little longer before we start heading back up to the surface.”

“What, now?” He glanced at his watch before saying, “Shouldn’t we stop for the night. It took me two days to get down. This seems like a good place to stay after all.”

Mü, Part 3

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“Not that that I know about.” Responded Ivan. He noticed her worried expression before asking, “Is there some reason for you to think that anything would be…. missing” He paused for a second before the last word because just before he had said it Lynn was gone. She hadn’t left through the doorway or anything mundane like, she had just ceased to be there anymore.

Mü, Part 2

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I finished writing late last night and went to sleep right after that so I am posting the story in the morning.

Six Years Ago

The Belly, Sector 75

The last piece slide into position with a click and Emiray placed the small backplate on and screwed it tight. She picked up the small watch in her equally small hands and turned it around a couple of times. It seemed alright, though she didn’t know for certain yet. She twisted the crank several times and the gave out a giggle as the watch began to tick.

Mü, Part 1

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June 5th
The Belly, Sector 38

Emiray was deep in the Belly, far below the University District. Sector 38 was about as deep and derelict as a place could get. Several times Emiray has to wade and deep as her chest and twice she had to swim though flooded portions. Three of Sector 38’s seven water pumps had been busted and there had been numerous faulty electronics and broken doors. It was Emiray’s job to come down here and make sure everything was in working order.

NaNoWriMo 2010 - All Online!

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I know I never really post here, but this November is will be different. I'm participating in NaNoWriMo for the third time and this year I'm planning on showing everything. Everyday (Or most of them) I will be posting all my writing to my blog for the entire world to see.

My NaNoWriMo profile is there for anyone interested in my initial idea and I will be keeping an up to date word count there.

Railway Connects Us

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I know I mentioned on Facebook that I would make a post a while ago. Alas that didn't happen and I never got around to it until now. On the plus side I am now using MarsEdit 3.

Underground cities which are connected by a subway system. With huge stretches of uninhabitable land between cities the only way to get between them is the ancient subway system. Small stores have been constructed around the stations selling everything a tired traveler might need and anything an eager visitor could imagine.

Untold Stories

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During my daily life I occasionally see something interesting that inspires the seeds of a story inside me. Some of these seeds catch hold inside me and begin to grow into a tree of ideas. Some of them I decide to turn into stories or use in a roleplaying game that I am playing. Others sit in my mind or in a small note on my computer. Those are the ones I want to share, the Untold Stories.